a Spiritual Epiphany

11 Mar

here is an interesting thing that happened to me on monday morning of march the 9th 2015  around 2 am. i had fallen asleep. then i had a dream about my family.  i was having differculty breathing. and i asked my sister for help. as it got worst. she refused to help me.  suddenly i woke up and felt something upon me stopping from breathing. i felt wind rush around me. and heard my spirits say get him off of him. and they pulled the intruder away. only later the entity identified itself as a servant of iblis the leader of the shaytan al shaar.  i performed two rituals. the last one i did is when i got home. in both accounts i asked my spirits to help me. the second was the burning of a magick square of middle eastern magick.  when i did this. i felt stomach pains but i pressed on. as the ritual ended i felt the pain subsided. and felt the dark presence pull from me. i felt my spirits around me.
tuesday i got a text message from my nephew he said that he and his family was  visited by presence. it was bluish white and he said he felt it was female.  it moved about the family to each bed. and seem to bless them.  then it disappeared. i didn’t realized the connection until i remembered that i had blessed my nephew and my nephew  back in feb of this year during a full moon.  when i remembered i was overcome by emotion. and when i text my nephew about it. he thanked me.
i guess i have maded some powerful enemies in the spirit realms even more so with this path i have taken. but i also maded even more powerful  friends as well. i give thanks to Mother Elat  and her Daughters the goddesses whom are Lilith/Lilitu, Hecate, Inanna, Naga Kinya, Thetis,  etc.

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