spirit bonding and freeing spirits revised

13 Mar

spirit bonding rituals and freeing spirits
there are many ways to bond with a spirit. and whatever instructions you may receive from a conjurer/seller is the best to follow. i myself add the burning of hair as an offering in the bonding ritual. others use blood.
well the truth is you follow what is best in your heart on how to do the ritual.
after the bonding. do not expect anything to happen. nor expect the spirit to make itself known to you at first. some of my spirits took  weeks before i experience anything. then there are others a few seconds like my succubus/ qarinah. above all else be patient with your spirit. and talk to them as they were there. no matter what happens. meditate as much as possible. which can be simple. just hold their vessel. and focus on your breathing. nothing else. and don’t get discourage if you sense nothing. each spirit has their way of revealing themselves.
as for the instructions on spirit bonding. and the sources. those sellers whom i come to know  through the adopting of spirits all are equally knowledgable  and well experienced concerning spirits.
btw no offense to my sisters who bond spirits to the vessels that i obtain. i have the tendency to free them. oh i offer them to bond with me if they like. but i always free them one way or another.

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