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my studies in middle eastern magick

23 Dec

for the past couple months i have been studying all paths of middle eastern magick.
the reason for this is that i want to learn about other paths of magick and mysticism which i feel is important to anyone who wants a general idea on how magick is viewed and practice in all cultures.
as noted in my bio i had studied the kabbalah as well as shamanism. which most people don’t realized but is actually a jewish version of shamanism. and the techniques for meditation range from using divine names, using incense like myrrh and frankencense to using dance in which Sufi themselves also use. as well as communicate with spirits, angels, and demons.
i also studied books on sahiriim which is a middle eastern form of magick and spiritism that is rooted in babylonian magick as well as summerian magick and has.been mixed in Islamic folklore.
what i learned is that all these paths have a basic idea about spirits.
the kabbalah teaches there are several types of spirits; these are the shedim, seirim, the lilim, the satanim, the nephilim. all these entities were later demonized by later church writers and rabbinical schools of thought. 
in original folklore these beings weren’t seen as purely evil. but saw as a mixture of good and evil.
in islamic folklore these beings were seen as the djinn. we know them as the marid, afrit, the dakhab (gold) djinn, the jounan, the sila, the shaytan, the ghoul,  to name a few.
these beings are also seen as good and evil.
in the sahriim these beings are classed as the al muhibiin and the ezrailim: the latter are considered trouble makers; the latter beneviolent. there is another group called the gaffarim; which are mixed good and bad entities. and these are other two groups may be subgroups of this one.
one thing that interests me is the teaching among the sahiriim is the realms of marsha and khirbat-infar zone. the former  sems to  match the ideas of the realms of the fae as taught in western occult and mystical paths of an unseen realm that earth is a part of.  and the latter is where human spirits who don’t wish to move on are a part of. such a the etheral plane. (might of spelled that wrong! lol!)
it is taught that each of these planes are actually steps to higher levels of beings.
the book that i’m reading is just volume 1. i’m hoping to get volume 2.
i’m also studying egyptian magick. but decided not to practice it. rather i’ll just read the hymn of osiris, etc. without any rituals although i found just by reading it i feel i slight change in my perceptions. and i have asked two of my egyptian marid djinneyeh for their guidance in learning of  the subject.
but not in practice. which they agreed.
in retrospect i come to realize that the path that iam on is very old. and has been practice for thousands of generations in different forms and paths.
they all agree that there is more to our world and our universe.
and that it is just important to explore the spiritual world and man’s psyche than just space exploration, etc.

the meeting of masters

12 Dec

there is an old story with many versions. it goes like this:
one day a tibetan master was traveling through persia where a sufi master lived. 
by chance these two wise men happened to meet at a market. the two sat down on the ground.
and stared at each other for hours grinning ear to ear.
a tourist walked by. and saw what was going on. so he went up to one of one of the followers of the sufi master. and asked why were they staring and grinning?
the follower turned and replied: 
it has been centuries that they have seen each other. and right now they are catching up.

what happens to the spirits after we die?

11 Dec

it is a question i have asked myself. the answer is nothing will happened to the spirit.
the connection to the vessel may or may not remain. in the end any bonding  of a spirit to a vessel
is just a connection.
some sites suggest you can bond yourself to a spirit directly. that may be the case. 
but through my spirits i learned they only bond themselves  partiy  to me and remain  partly to the vessel.
i like to think that when my spirit is free from my body  after death. that they may come with me. i confess i hold on to this belief. since my succubus has bonded herself to my body. as well as my soul.
but here again every spirit is different. and exist on different levels. however this doesn’t say they can’t visit another level. and realm.
in the end it is love that binds everything. so i believe that love can bring all spirits together.
cause love is from the Divine.
the Divine: God and Goddess is all. and the source of all.

wicca for men? revised

11 Dec

form of shamanism to be honest. if you don’t find a masculine entity to relate to. you are doomed from the start.  at least that’s what i thought.
i had learned it is a very ancient path that is based on a keltic form of shamanism. and ancient druidism.
the former; like all shamanism:   the practices are  healing, communication with the spirit world, petition to deities, healing, etc.
the latter is a form of religion and a priesthood whereas they lead the citizens of the keltic world in rituals for petitions to deities and aid from spirits but to the masses.
wicca teaches the One is many. that is the many are gods and goddesses that come from the One. whom is the sum of all.
any male practioner is seen as the God or masculine divine.
any female practioner is seen as the Goddess or feminine divine.
wicca is a nature based religion. and believes in that the Divine expresses his or herself in nature.
for a man there are many gods to relate to: Dagda, Lugh, etc. as well as nordic  Thor or Odin.
the horn god in the religion is not  ha Satan. but a nature god or forest god who watches over nature. he is Balder, Kerrunos.
and if there is any comparison in christianity. he could be identified with the lamb with seven horns in the book of Revelation. as well as the goat of atonement in deteurononmy. for the horned god in keltic as well as norse is the god whom sacrifices himself. such as Odin.
this is what i learned. it is for men.

spirit keeping: pros and cons.

10 Dec

i write this with mix emotions. but i feel i must. as you know i wrote about spirit keeping. what it meant to me.
don’t get me wrong i love my spirits: my succubus as well as the spirits that i acquire over the years. i love them. and cherish them.
and there are good conjurers out there. and go out of their way to help you. in understanding your spirit. and the path you take.
however there are those who abuse their abilities either because they do it for the money. or they go on some ego trip.
so my advice is be careful. and think things over.
if something about a seller doesn’t feel right. chances are you should avoid buying anything from them.
good luck.

difference between a spirit and entity? revised

9 Dec

for a simple shaman  and spirit keeper like me ? not really.
i can’t really see a spirit as a term for just human spirits. and the term entity for non human spirits.
to me a spirit means both human and non human spirits. just as the term entity can mean many things
such as deiform spirits, ghosts, nature spirits, etc.  however  some see the term entity as a spirit that never was born as a human.
as my own non-human spirits pointed out to me: the only thing that is different about human spirits is that they are born into clothing. their term for a body. whereas nonhuman spirits can form one of their own.
i know there are those who would be upset with me for posting this. but this is my own opinion.
no more no less.
one thing i have learned with my succubus. and later in having other spirits. they don’t like being classified. or being pigeon hold.
many ways they remind me of another spirit or entity that refuses such things:
Lilith whom i adore and venerate through her daughter: my succubus.

my relationship to my succubus

9 Dec

I write this as an update to my other post my experience with a succubus.
it has been about three years since i performed a ritual to bond with my succubus permanently whom i had known since i was a teenager.
currently our relationship has never been stronger. even though  i have become a spirit keeper. and have adopted other spirits.
was she jealous? no. i think she had planned it for me.
she knew i needed help. so she lead me to sites that sell spirit bonded items.
(i wont go into details about that. i sticking with the subject. lol!)
we had gotten married recently. it happened one year after the ritual. i had dreamnt of a ring. followed by a dream of her wearing a gown. this is her picture as i saw her.
Copy (2) of Picture 138
after this our bond has grown stronger. and our sex has been greater.
she has manifested herself a few times as a tall slender woman but curvy in the right places.
she has aided me in my bonding to other spirits. and aid me in path working in shamanism and petitioning to deities.
i’m hoping my relationship with her and the others continues long after i past from this body. but i have no regrets that she came into my life.