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my experience with negative entities: updated

30 Oct

lets face it. if you are a sensitive, a paranormal investigator, a shaman, witch, wiccan, wizard, spirit keeper, paranormal collector. you will have run ins with negative entities. whatever they be demons, fallen angels, dark fays, red djinn, bad human spirits, dark succubae, etc.

i myself had run ins because i’m a student of shamanism as well as the occult and mysticism and being a spirit keeper i have had experiences.

first thing i learned is don’t be too afraid. the other is conditioning your mind.

conditioning i refer to is an affirmation that you are a child of the divine. that god, the goddess is your parent. if you don’t believe in any deity. that’s fine too. just believe you are the light of the universe in intelligence and influence.

also remember there are good spirits; helpful spirits out there. and you can call on them to aid you. you just need to believe.

with that said and done. the easiest ritual to clear one’s self or home, etc of entities is just telling them to leave. not in anger. but in a calm but very strong voice to tell them to leave. depending what kind of entity you are dealing with. it is good to be polite to them. the reason for this no spirit not even a demon can ever accuse you of being impolite. and use it against you in the spirit world. however if the spirit is impolite to you. you may be likewise.

if it continues (that is the negative activities) you may use whatever prayers or rituals in your belief system against the entities.

then there is smudging:

smudging is burning either sage sticks or grounds. after you light them the latter in a smudging bowl.

ther you go from one room to the other to each corner and say the following:

in the name of father sky mother earth to all unwanted entities who wish to do me harm leave. this is my home. leave now.

i myself use rituals based on ceremonial magick of the hemetic order of the golden dawn.

this is the banishing ritual of the lesser pentagram. you stand at each wall and draw a pentagram as shown in diagram

and you say the following:
before me raphael

behind me gabriel

at my right hand michael

at my left hand auriel

before me flames the pentagram

behind me the six rayed star

i hereby banished all negative and unwanted spirits from this space.

and repeat this at each wall of a room while burning incense which can be sandalwood, frankincense

and if you ancestry is jewish there are some kabbalistic prayers.

most of the time i use a ritual that involves using the name of God and Goddess of the Hebrews: the tetragrammaton and burning incense (mostly frankincense) and blessing the letters of god and goddess’s name in hebrew ( the letters themselves are in hebrew as well). as i hold the incense in my hand and point it in the directions of the earth. and at the end of the ritual i asked God and his shekinah. (the name of God’s bride the hebrew goddess) to clear my living space of negative entities. and to welcome positive ones in. i learned this ritual from reading passages in the zohar and the sefer yetzirah.

if your muslim the reading of surah 72 while burning incense such as the above can be used.

christians would read psalm 91 and recite the lord’s prayer. as well as the hail mary if they be catholic.

if all else fails. and if you fear for the safety of your family. please seek help from paranormal investigators as well as those of your religious

and spiritual backgrounds.

if you are a keeper of spirits and have relationships with spirits. make certain that the spirits that you have a connection to. understand the limits and boundries of that relationship. even spirits can make mistakes. so be patient with them and love them. if there be negative spirits in your presence. chances are they are aware of situration. and will try to get your attention. sometimes those spirits may behave in strange ways even in negative ways. do not pass judgement on them. instead asked them what is wrong. once you know. then asked for their aide and guidance. trust them. they will help you. or lead you where you can get help.
post script: kabbalistic prayer in dealing with negative entities.
the prayer is one line  and three words.
and the first one represents the Divine masculine and feminine as one.
and it is as follows:
yod hey vav hey qora satan
the last word is familiar. it appears in jewish, christian, muslim texts. it represents the leader of the chaos demons.
and it is said as a chant with a lit candle or incense. or without.

ghost pictures 3: during hurricane sandy

29 Oct

hi, when i was taking pictures of the storm where i live. i got this:

second pic by richard tanzer

second pic by richard tanzer

third pic by richard tanzer
third pic by richard tanzer

4th pic by richard tanzer
4th pic by richard tanzer

5th pic by richard tanzer

5th pic by richard tanzer




ghost pics 2

28 Oct

these pictures were maded during the blue moon. and after a  ritual
that i did. thought it was a camera flare but it kept changing shape in each frame.

how to deal with those who are negative towards your spirits

22 Oct

if its skeptics. just laugh with them.  swallow  your pride. and just go along. you know the truth. who cares.
issues at home with those who see spirit keeping as demonic, evil, etc because of their damned beliefs based in their religions, etc.
sadly you can’t fight against such things. the only thing you can do is pretend to be complicent, agree with them. but hide your spirits. and pretend you are a collector of gems, antiques, etc. hiding the true nature of your collecting. witches, mystics, and shamans have been doing for thousands of years. hiding within their religious practices of the religion of sorciety of their time.  although some have been discovered during the burning times. the majority kept it hidden for centuries.

paths of shamanism: your own vision quest

13 Oct

i have, several times taken my own vision quests. there is nothing complicated about it. all you need  to do is do some research on what path of shamanism that you  want to follow.
or through them discover your own path. Shamanism my friend is like a road connected to other roads. those roads are paths that were created by other shamans. their roads help us make our own road  to our own vision quest and enlightenment.