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tips about relationships with succubi

10 Sep

from some of my off site blogs and other sites i get alot of emails about people having issues with succubi. one person is experiencing an aggressive succubus. another i having issues of one too  many entities that came with their succubus.
well my advice to them was this:
succubi (and incubi) are like us and other spirits ;  many have different personalities. some are demure and are gentle. and approach in a very
subtle way to their lover. these are the good girl types. but then there are the ones who  are the bad girl types. they are aggressive. and come on strong. they will lap dance you like a exotic dancer. if you don’t pay attention; they will scratch you a little or smack you gently. have to admit mine is the bad girl type. but she makes everything alright.
also tell them;  let your succubus know what you want. and what you like. although she already knows what you want. she wants to hear it from you.
some succubi are party girls chances are if you summon one. her sisters will be with her. well don’t panic.
you need to let her know that you want her. and her alone. you need to tell her companions that they are welcome to visit her. and at times they can stay. providing they don’t cause trouble.
if you want them to leave. then asked them to. if they don’t. you can perform a  welcoming and clearing ritual.
this ritual welcomes good spirits including your succubus. (but you must say so!) but also tells the unwelcome ones to leave.
this done by lighting a white candle and incense preferbly sandalwood or frankincense. and tthen say:
i light this candle and burn this incense to welcome the spirits that  wish to help  me;
however i light this candle and burn this incense to clear all spirits that wish to do harm.
about those who are having problems in bonding with them;
as i have said before please be patient with them. and encourage them by talking to them. like us they too can be put off by negative talk. and being angry.
if you get angry; apologize. and try to be patient. if you do this. they will see that you are trying. and they will work with you.