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helping a fellow spirit keeper against a conjurer trying to steal her spirit family.

11 Jun

lately i have been helping a friend who has been having issues with a seller who claimed to be a magus. he had claimed a volkh was bad. and was blocking her spirits. i realise this was wrong.  the impression that i got is that the volkh i felt was okay. and i told her this in contrary to what this self proclaimed magus. then last night i got a visitor. they were moving about. looking at my possessions. this visitor then stay long. my spirit family ran them out.
then after this i had a dream. i was in a room. and faced a man, and two women. they were questioning me. then another woman tall, beautiful with long black hair. she wore a skirt and blouse and a jacket. they were midnight blue to black. she handed them papers. and told them you have no right to question him. he is under my protection. and is employed by me.  their faces turned ashen. and i saw fear in their faces.  i realise then that one of them was in my room in astral form. and now they were facing  one of my Matron goddesses

about money spells

5 Jun

about money spells:
well; they work. but do not asked to win the lottery if you are planning to retire early with it. otherwise your spirits and  the goddess will laugh at you. and give you more hours to work at your job. this is what happened with me. i did a money spell weds. now i might be working friday. lol  the spell i used was passing a lottery ticket over burning incense of cinnamon and cloves.  while asking to get money.
should of known something  was up when i heard giggling. lol

what happens after a spirit keeper dies?

5 Jun

i had wondered about that myself.  then i come to realize it doesn’t matter. i learned the bonds with spirits and spirit entities can last even beyond this lifetime. that some of my entities come from previous lives that i had. but they find their way back to me. even if the entity was bonded to a vessel.  and was with another keeper. they find their way to me. so in the end i learned you are always connected to your spirits and even to their familes and their worlds. even after death. as for the vessels; the spirit entity either vacates the vessel upon the death of the keeper. or chooses to rmain if it is past on to a family member.  and if the spirit does vacate. another of its family, clan, etc. will take its place to serve the family member who receives the vessel.