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are djinn and fae related?

24 Feb

there is differences of opinion about if djinn and fae are related.  here again it depends on one’s location in the world. in the middle east; mostly entities are seen as djinn even  mermaids. in europe  mostly  entities were seen as fae. but that opinion has changed over the centuries. 
i had asked that question of my spirit family. and i heard a giggle. and my Lady said this: 
We are very much like you in some respects. before your kind evolved. we were a very diversed race. we are many.
we like you spread across the world. colonized differents parts of the world. before most of us moved to higher dimensions.  however there are some that linger in your world. unseen and hidden.  at this point.  i heard more giggling. and she continued: we are what your people see you as.  we are whatever you say we are.

about soul mates and spirit spouses

21 Feb

i decided to write about this because of correspondence with a witch that i was having correspondence about soul mates  and animal guides.  i had put the question about what if a soulmate was actually a non human spirit. she thought that i was refering to animal spirits. i told her that i wasn’t  refering to a soul mate as an animal. Animal Spirits  are guides for shamans. some do become  lifelong companions. not soulmates. more like soulfriends. when i asked the question can a nonhuman spirit be a soulmate? i was refering to Fae, Djinn, and my Succubus/qarinah djinneyeh.
from what i learned from  my Qarinah djinneyeh.  some humans do have them as soulmates.  this of course is frown upon by most  followers of New Age, organized religions, and purists among the witch community.
however among some witches and definitely among Shamans. Spirit Wives and Husbands are taken. these Spirit Spouses have been indentified with Fae, Djinn, and the Children of Lilith. whom some believe that the Fae and Djinn are a part of.
Shamans take a Spirit Spouse when they become a teenager. roughly the Spouse introduces himself or herself to the Shaman.  and they wed. and yes Sex is involved. they can have sex. the same kind as between people.
this bonding however is on all levels. physical and spiritual. whereas human couples are stuck on the physical level. and have to work on it to make it transcend the body. otherwise there will be no fulfillment between the two.   in time if they don’t cultivate it.  couples start wandering. looking for it.  on the other hand it can be said the same for having a spirit spouse. if one does not touch one’s spirit spouse on a mental level say fantasizing them at the same time  touching them.  the Spirit Spouse can lose connection to their Mortal counterpart. however even if this happens it is rare that the Entity will leave their spouse. and will use dreams to re-established connection.
then there are some like mine who actually bond to their spouse physically.  and i will not go into details where on the body.

do succubi and incubi fall in love?

10 Feb

the answer is yes. they do.  someone asked me this. because they want a relationship with both human and spirit lovers. and they had issues with their spirits saying no to them seeking human relationships.

here is my answer to them:

i understand. but you need to know this. if you wanted a relationship with a human.
you should of not taking an incubus or even a demon as lovers.  what people don’t realize is that they have feelings; they have emotions. they fall in love. they do get married. they have children i.e cambion, etc. and after a very, very, very long life. they die.
they are like us. but they walk on a different plane of existence.
they do fall in love. and yes with humans.
i can’t help you at this point. but i will give you this advice.  you can talk to him. and you can tell him how you feel.
and if you want to break up with him. then do so. for both of your sakes. but not only with him. but also with the demon and the cambion. because in the end they will want you as well.
this is the truth: no one is immune to love. and you can’t have sex without  love. because a partner regardless they be a human or a spirit entity love may  result from it. so i hope you find
them  a good home. otherwise they will  be  miserable and you will be miserable.
better to separate if all can’t see eye to eye.

mysterious places

6 Feb

here is a question: what is your thought on these places ? one is  in wadi rum, the other is part of the king midas tomb complex in greece, the other is amaru muru  in peru.  are they star gates or portals to the spirit realms?
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the Dybbuk Box

4 Feb

I decided to write about this since the new movie entitled: the possession  is out  on dvd. as well as  on  an episode of paranormal witness  of the sy fy channel is portraying  is dealing  on this subject.
What is a Dybbuk?
A dybbuk is a spirit that attaches itself to a person, place, and thing.
Mostly it is a human spirit that refuses to move on until it has completes a task.
However it also applys to human spirits as well as non human spirits that are  malevolent in its intentions with the living.
According to the kabbalah these spirits are usually male. And attach themselves to women. And they are usually dispelled by reading passages from the torah or  tanakh. As well as reciting prayers such as a Kaddish.
The spirit is either driven through an open window. Or forced into an object.
Which is then inscribed with certain phrases, prayers, that are in hebrew.
Such as wine cabinet (as seen in the movie and in the the t.v. program).
Jewish mystics : kabbalists feel most hauntings and possessions are caused by Dybbuk.
However the spirit of the Dybbuk box had giving dreams of a crone. which says not all Dybbuk are male. and some are female. and even still  they are not all human.
in the muslim nations they are considered  to be a type of djinn  called Zaar.
as i write this. they had already aired about this dybbuk box on the history channel. and it is believed it started the holocaust.
as for my own personal thoughts. my spirit family warned me not venture unto this subject. when i asked. i was told you really don’t want to know.

spirit keeping: revised 2

3 Feb

what is spirit keeping?
well to me; contrary  to the title. it has more to do with keeping the vessels that the spirit is connected to or bonded with.
i also learned that the spirits themselves are actually watching over the keeper.
spirit keeping for me began when i was a teenager when i became first involved with a succubus.
after this  throughout my life i had collected antiques such as an old medieval flogger and mace that had paranormal phenomena such as a orb appearing above it. to the sound of battle coming from it. as well as an  old bronze statue of the hindu goddess durga-kali.
recently i became interested in collecting djinn haunted items. and was fascinated  with  both the marid and the ifrit.
both djinn races are easy to work with. and will communicate with you providing you are patient with them.
the paranormal phenomena that follow when i adopted them were anything from full bodied apparitions, orbs, and streaks of light.
next i adopted fae: woodland and  fire faes. they are a hoot. they tease me at times. and sometimes i hear them giggle. however if i’m not feeling good. they are always with me. and as i sleep they rub my back. and neck.
one night i was watching television. and i saw something fly past me. at first i thought it was a large moth. then i realised that the moth had a body of a tiny human being with dark hair.
that night i went to bed. my neck had a cramp. and felt them on my back. while my succubus laid beside me. i heard them say: the magic man is hurting. so i felt them rub my neck.
i have so far collected a khodam whom is the most majestic being i ever seen. as well as wraith. whom appear to me as warrior women.
it took me a month  to bond with my  first. however i never did any real meditation. although i studied zen meditation as well as various visualization and awareness meditations.  i just touch the vessels and talked to them in my mind.
i never opened my third eye until later.
if i had any suggestions i could give a beginner is this: patient. sometimes bonding with an entity takes some time. as noted it took me a month or so to bond with my first a marid djinneyeh.
2. hold their vessels and talked to them in your thoughts. even if you don’t get an answer. that doesn’t mean they  are not listening.
3. love them. always tell them that you are happy that they are with you.
about the promises of the spirits making you rich, finding love, etc.
i think it depends how you interpret this.  my view is the spirits take what you already have. and help you with it.
you may get what you want. then again you may not. however as always; the entity knows what is best for you. and will act accordingly.
the main purpose is for the spirit to aid you on your spirit journey. it is no different than an angel encouraging you by signs. or a chaos demon testing your faith. and making you strong through it.
each spirit is here not only to help you in your journey. but also helping himself or herself on their journey. for by helping you; it helps itself.
this was all planned of the Divine (god / goddess) to teach all about the nature of selfless love.
to me there no greater calling than being a spirit keeper. no greater love than sharing it with a spirit.  and each keeper has their own experiences and story to tell.

the visitor

3 Feb

when i went to see my sister on december 27. i found out her female dog a lab mixed  had died.  i then realized what happen. because on that  thursday morning  on the  around 3am i was in meditation. and i felt something jump on the bed and licked my face. at first i thought it was one of my dragons or my doujna.  but then i heard someone say it was your sister’s dog. i didn’t pay attention at the time. but i realize the truth it was.
make no mistake my friends there is an afterlife for animals.