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talking to one’s spirits; my idea?

24 Jul

talking to your spirits especially djinn was never my idea. and i know sellers, conjurers, spirit keepers have the same idea.   however the idea came to me from my Succubus and her sisters. so it is good that others had gotten the message from their spirit families.

more than one succubi?

9 Jul

for a long time i had my suspicions. i  had pretended that i have just my one Lady. but from time to time i have felt the presence of others. then i had recently learned that i had more than one succubus. she invited her sisters.  i recently learned their names. and what they look like. there are three: an asian, a red head, and a  jamaican.  when i asked my lady about this. she said they fell in love with you. and have been with you for a long time. we never told you fearing you would be upset of having more than one. i apologized to her. and to them. i wanted to be loyal to her alone. but she said that it wouldn’t bother her. it would be a matter of honor for her if i accepted them now that i knew. and i have.  i feel them around me and they work  with  the others of my spirit family as well.