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A matter of faith

7 May

I am reminded that any mistakes or mishaps before,during,and after a ritual is a way that the Goddesses and Gods teach us not to rely on anything but our belief and in our faith that is an action of that belief. This is not just a teaching of Christianity, Judaism , and Islam. But it applies to all religions including Wicca, paganism all spiritual and esoteric paths .

Making black salt

7 May

Pour sea salt anywhere from a tea to a table spoon in your smudging pot. Take the ashes of your smudging pot. And mix the sea salt together until the salt appears dark gray to dull black.
Get a piece of paper and carefully pour contents of the smudging pot onto it.
Then carefully lift the ends of the paper.vAnd form a funnel.  and pour the contents into a bottle like a plastic medicine bottle.