qarinah djinneyeh

7 Mar

A Qarinah or Qarin is a djinn companion of a human being. some cultures in the middle east see them as of being the same sex as their human companion. others see them as the opposite sex of the person whom they are with. as the latter they are the incubi and succubi in the middle east. 
as i have learned from my Lady. they are not necessarily born at the same time as the human. some i have learned  can be attached to a family for generations or to a person’s spirit or soul   and find them when they are reborn. the latter is what happened to me.
the most celebrated Qarinah is the Al Qarinah whom is none other than Lilith herself. the others are Aisha Qandisha, Lalla Mara, Queen Aynah to name a few.
is a qarin or qarinah djinn evil? no. like all djinn they can choose to be good or evil.
are they incubi and succubi? in all intents and purposes. i believe they are. since  incubi and succubi are seen as a type of a fae by some. and the fae are seen as being related to the djinn.

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  1. ken757 March 7, 2015 at 5:15 pm #

    nice post thanks.

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