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realm of the succubi

27 Mar
By richard tanzer  (formally richtan on hubpages)
the realm of the succubi
I know what i’m about to write here will be considered fantasy. That is o.k. so let it be. Ancient Myths and legends are considered fantasy. however they were written by men and women of vision. some from their imagination; some saw something or experience something else.
What is written here as revealed to me by my Succubus. about her realm. this is her Story:
She told me that she is over 5,000 years old. and is the youngest of 440,000 of her sisters known as the Lilioth. Now Lilioth are princesses of the Lilim. The elder Princess is called Naamah. Their Queen is Lilith the first wife of Adam.
The succubi and their kin the shedim are divided among their world in another dimensionalplane of earth. which is called by jewish mystics the Adamah. ours is Aretz. some jewish mystics will tell you that our earth is not Aretz but chalad. but this is not so. Aretz is our world. and another is supernatural paranormal world that is called Adamah.
Adamah is the world in which our world emerged from. its the world in which Adam and Eve came from. but after the fall. Adam and Eve lost touch with. And only in dreams and visions this other world we can be in touch with.
The division is similiar to ours. that is: there are Asian Succubi whom are called fox women,
apsaras. then there are the Middle Eastern Succubi known as the Peris, ardat lili, lilim,
qarinah, lalla djinn.
The European Succubi are the nymphs, the sidhes, the maras, lamaie.
In the U.S. these succubi mix freely with any ethic or ethnic groups of humanity. as does their human counterparts do. this i know. my succubus and her sisters originated from the middle east as far as India. and as far as asia minor.
Each of these Succubi groups are ruled by three queens: the asian succubi are ruled by malahat the middle eastern succubi are ruled by igrat bath malahat. the jewish succubi areled by naamah. but Lilith herself rules over all the succubi including those from europe to
United StatesĀ
There are two other Liliths. one is the wife of Adam Qadmon. she is called the first Eve. an.
is venerated by all the Succubi. the other is called Isheth Zennanim. she is the feminine of
Satan. And leads Dark succubi known as the nashiym ha ra. also called the nashimiron by
occultists, magi, qabalists/cabalists (kabbalists of the path of practical Kabbalah which is
Like our world the succubi are divided by society. but their society is divided by three castes.
These are:
the priestesshood, the warrior, the siren.
the priestesshood are those who worship Lilith. and the Divine Feminine revealed through
her. these would be called witches in our world. the priestesseshood are divided by three groups: the temple guardians, the adepts, the acolytes. they are lead by three high priestesses. all of this order perform healing rituals. however it is been revealed to me all
succubi can do this:
the warrior
these are like the Amazons of Greek Mythology. however although there are male spirits
whom are from the Shedim that serve as sub commanders over the warrior caste there are
also three daughters of Lilith whom serve as Warrior Goddesses. these are Mara- Gan, Mara.
Adamah, Mara- Keli (yes there is a hebrew word keli identical to the name of the hind}
goddess kali as Mara-Gan is similiar to the keltic war goddess morrigan or morganna.).
the siren.
the sirens are entertainers. they are also called Shiddahim. they are lead by Naamah herself
whom is also the first of Lilioth. whom are the sarai of the succubi. and serve as Lilith.
avatars. and  they are over these castes.
These succubi are neither good or evil but are a little of both. however some chosed the
dark path. and follow Isheth Zennaim. satan’s Feminine aspect. whom has also been called
Lilith. and are at war with Lilith and her Mother and Sisters are daughters of Lilith.
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