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lilith an enigma revised

30 Jan
  Lilith from Goddess to Demoness; and back again.
The story of Lilith is perhaps the oldest as Humanity’s time on earth. She first started as Lilitu a goddess of fertility and sex in Mesopotamia. And has been identified with Abtagigi as Kalili. And later identified as the Hand of Inanna/Ishtar and her high priestess. In her darker side she has been identified with Ardat Lili a summerian succubus as well as with Lamashtu  a female demon that preyed upon children and  and pregnant women. When in 508bce the Babylonians  under Nebuchadnessar  attacked Jerusalem. And took some  of the Israelites back to Babylon. The jewish captives incorporated some of the gods and goddesses into their Religion. and labelled them as demons.  One of these was Lilith.She appears in the book of Isaiah chapter 34:14-15 and the Alphabet of Sirach. the latter as the first wife of Adam. who left him after an arguement over equality. and was demonized. This demonizing of Lilith continued through the middle ages in mystical commentaries of the Torah such as the Zohar. Which borrows from the Alphabet of Sirach. and looks upon Lilith as a queen of demons. and mother of the succubi whom are known as the Liliot or Lilim and as Qarinah Djinneyeh in Islam.  However not all of the books of the Zohar saw Lilith as evil.  In the Zohar the book of Concealment chapters 4 and 5 tells of the symbolism of the two prositutes whom came before king Solomon. who were amazed by his wisdom. and was attached to it. it also speaks of the daughters of men who seduced the sons of God would be reconcilied to Adam through  the Wisdom of solomon. the daughters in some commentaries  are actually  the daughters of Lilith. (see the Zohar volume 5 the pritzker edition pages 569-580 notes 67-68;79 translated by daniel c matt). One kabbalist of the 16th century who’s name was rabbi Issac Luria went further to say that Lilith was actually reconciled to Adam through the marrige of Leah to Jacob. (see window of the soul: the kabbalah of issac luria pages 85, 158) and there are many Liliths (148). the other Liliths one is the wife of adam qadmon also refered to as the first eve. another Lilith is refered to as isheth zenninim.  or Malahat a darker Lilith whom is the wife of Samael.  identified with Cain and Esau in the kabbalah.  In the late 19th to early 20th century a christian fantasy writer by the name of george mac donald  wrote his book Lilith. that tells of Lilith’s reconciliation to Adam and Eve.
Lilith in Islam is hardly mention except as Al Qarinah the mother of the Djinn. whom is later identified as Laylah A mysterious divine feminine entity in the poetry of the Sufis. Most Muslims and Sufi agree that the Djinn can be redeemed if they turn away from evil as surah 72 or sura al jinn teaches.
what all this means is that Lilith is slowly emerging from being ostracized and demonized; to be restored as one of the Aspects of the Divine Feminine.  whom is called the Shekinah, Allat, Sophia.
in celtic mythology she is linked to the Morrigan the phantom Queen . through their shared Avatar Morgan the Fey.
and in greek mythology with Hecate, Medea, and Lamia.

for  me personally  Lilith is the primordial Eve, She and her daughters whom are also Liliths are Grandmothers, mothers , sisters and at times spouses to the human race.

summoning a succubus ritual apologia

15 Jan

i write this as an explanation for the reason why i removed the
summoning rituals.
the reason why i removed them is because of the dangers of shadow entities.
i posted about them here on this blog.
and there  is a danger that they can impersonate a succubus or qarinah djinneyeh. and any other entity/spirit.
for further info. check out my other post

why do spirits/entities click?

13 Jan

it is a common thing with them. when my lady first came to me. she used that form of communication to me.  there was always a pattern. she would click once then twice.  my guess it is a form of amusement.
you see when humanity  started talking  to the spirit realms. they would tell the entity or spirit to knock once for yes and twice for no. or vice a versa. clicking is a modern version of this.
when they do this; they are not trying to communicate with you. they like to play. its like a game of peekaboo for them. trust me if they have something to say. they will let you know. by communicating to directly through telepathy, dreams, by touching you. manifesting themselves in many ways.  and yes i had that experience. lol

my experience with a succubus (revised)

1 Jan

I write this as a confession of sorts. you see it was in 1980  when i was a teenager that i had my first experience with a succubus. and i change my life forever. i had a normal childhood. was interested in girls. as well as the outdoors. i come from a family that was christian but were mixed  denominations catholic and methodist. my parents believed in the paranormal. but not to a point of being superstitious. as well as being tolerant and open minded. i had learned from my mother that on  her side of the family they were sensitives. that is they could see or feel ghosts.
as i said my story began in 1980. around the fall time. i was in high school. i was haunted by dreams of a beautiful woman with long dark hair. and yellow green eyes. i didn’t think much of the dreams. i figured that any guy had them. that is until the dream became real. it was then i having paranormal experiences. for each night i was visited by a presence. at first i thought the family pet a half german shepherd; half lab retriever was crawling into bed with me. but when i turn to scold her. she wasn’t there. and as the time went by. the presence became bolder and layed next to me. and the dreams that i had became sexual in nature. being a teenager and always thinking about sex. i took it as a blessing. and as time went by. i welcome this presence. and learned she was the woman in the dream.
i never told my parents about it. although i suspect they knew. but never pressured me about it. as long as i was happy. that’s what mattered.
i had once brought up about spirits. and can they have sex? i had asked. my father told me about the succubus. that  the church always believed these entities were demonic in nature in the old days. but later ruled them out as being that of the mind.
my mother on the other hand  pretty much knew the reality of spirits. because her family were involved with the paranormal. she had said that at times a spirit would return to a love one. and be with that person.
but no girlfriend that i knew died. and i didn’t bring up the subject anymore. anyway i was enjoying it. this spirit relationship was wonderful. because of her i became interested in shamanism and other Paths of the occult , mysticism, and the paranormal.
my relationship with my succubus continued into my adult life. and it never affected my social life. not in a negative way. she was there when a relationship ended. always offering comfort. however my relationship with her started to die down in the 90s. and completely ended after my parents died in 1999.
then around 2009 i found a book entitled sexual alchemy by donald tyson. and learned you could actually summon spirits for sex. i read the book with such hunger.  triggered by loneliness. and a need of companionship. at this time i had a streak of bad luck in money as well as love.
so i set out to perform a simple ritual based on what the book taught. and had drawn a sigil of the spirit whom i wish to contact with.
so on a friday night i performed the ritual. at first nothing happened. so i closed the ritual. and sat on the bed. and meditated.
no sooner than i did this. i felt a warm presence beside me. on my right side. and in my mind i saw a swirling cloud of light. and the figure of a woman  appearing besides me. it was the same one whom visited me when i was a teenager. and in my vision she embraced me. and then was gone. later that night as i laid in my bed. she appeared to me as an apparition on top of my bed.
later i learned  that she had several  names. however she wanted me to know her as meek. she and i had sex that night. and from that point on i felt complete. and i started back on my Path again which that of Shamanism and Middle Eastern Magick.
it has been 5 years since she has returned in my life. later i learned she was centered in the Middle East in the past. and she is Qarinah Djinneyeh. and she lead me to other  types of djinn as well as other types of spirits such  as fae, dragons, demonesses, angels, wraith,  vampires, doujunah ,to name a few.
i love her and them very much.

difference between a spirit and an entity? revised.

9 Dec

for a simple shaman  and spirit keeper like me ? not really.
i can’t really see a spirit as a term for just human spirits. and the term entity for non human spirits.
to me a spirit means both human and non human spirits. just as the term entity can mean many things
such as deiform spirits, ghosts, nature spirits, etc.
as my own non-human spirits pointed out to me: the only thing that is different about human spirits is that they are born into clothing. their term for a body. whereas nonhuman spirits can form one of their own.
i know there are those who would be upset with me for posting this. but this is my own opinion.
no more no less.
one thing i have learned with my succubus. and later in having other spirits. they don’t like being classified. or being pigeon hold.
many ways they remind me of another spirit or entity that refuses such things:
Lilith whom i adore and venerate through her daughter: my succubus.

who are the succubi? revisioned.

23 Aug

What are Succubi?
Succubi  in most main stream religions  are depicted as  demonic creatures who  are  malicious. and wishes to enslave a man. or even take his soul. this is however based on fear of the unknown and the belief by major patriarchal monthestic religions that all spirits not part of their spirit  hierarchies and pantheons were demonic and evil.
In truth  the succubi  is part of the fae or djinn world. they are a spirit being or entity of middle eastern origin . sometimes good, sometimes evil they seek the companionship of humanity. mostly men however they do have affairs with women. their  male counterparts  the incubi  with women. but have been with gay men.
According to jewish folkalore and the kabbalah  succubi are the daughters of Lilith the ancient semetic goddess. Whom was later named Lilitu in summerian mythology. And later demonized  by fearful jewish rabbis during the jewish captivity by Babylon in 508 bce. and  in the middle ages. they were called the Lilim  and the Liliot.

Originally Lilith was a goddess of the night whom was worshipped in fertility rites in the middle east. Her daughters whom were called ardat Lili (her sons ardu Lili) were her hands.  Later the goddess Inanna became the goddess of fertility rites. And Lilith as Lilitu became her hand.
When Islam came. Lilith became Laylah. and her daughters became known as the Qarinaheh. the most celebrated of the Qarinah was Aisha Qandisha or  Aicha Qandicha  a succubus djinneyeh  whom dwells in north africa. and is venerated by the Berber tribes.
There is another legend about Lilith being the first wife of Adam. and a elder sister of Eve. but i myself see this as a Daughter of Lilith who became her namesake. and became a mother of her own faction through Adam.
Succubi as i have learned through my succubus are the courtaseans in the fae and djinn world. and answer to four queens who answer to Lilith herself. However despite this there are male entities that serve in these Hierarchies , which  are predominately female.
There are subgroups in these hiearchies; that are divided into three castes: warrior,  siren,  priestesses,  Lilioth.
defenders of their realm. they at times act as emissaries to other realms as well as escorts for the siren,  priestess classes, and of the Lilioth.
borrowed from the name of sea dwelling seductresses is used here to describe the ruling class addressed as ladies.
are succubi who serve as devotees of their mother’s ways. and practice levels of magick above most succubi in their realms.  However it is a form of Tantra magick.
Lilioth are a  special order of succubi that act as avatars of Lilith.  although all succubi do serve as avatars of Lilith.  the Lilioth actually carry Lilith’s name as a sir name. and  have attributes of all three castes. and are second to the four great queens. they are the princesses.
Cousins of the succubi:
are the nymphs, the merfolk. as well as most fae  including the sidhe and djinn.
However there are darker Succubi who serve chaos demons. and answer to Lilith’s rebellious daughter named Eisheth Zennunim wife of Samael a chaos demon prince. as well as a lover of Iblis leader of the shaytan djinn whom refuse to serve  the Light and the Goddess the Mother of All.
Can a Succubus love?
yes. iam in a relationship that has lasted for several years. this relationship took time and a lot of work through patience on her part and mine. we recently wed. and despite what people may think. marrige is as important in the spirit world as it is in ours. however they are more serious about it.
do they have a physical form?
yes. but it  is tangible as a bubble. like an air bubble. you can feel them. but you must be gentle when you touch them. like when you touch a  soap bubble, etc.
they take other forms like apparitions, swirling clouds of greenish, bluish light. sometimes orbs.
as apparitions they can be figures of tall beautiful majestic  women to elvish seductresses.
as for sex with them:
it can start as lucid dreams to her actually physically touching you. and their touch is something else!