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what’s magick about to me?

12 Dec

what is magick to me about?
its not about revenge, not about controlling others. to me it is a Path to the Divine whatever that be God or the Goddess or both. it is about healing, it is about seeking knowledge, it is about defense. it is about seeking peace within yourself. and try to practice that peace by magick. i know some of my friends practice darker magick. it is okay i respect that. but please remember that whatever you put it comes back to you. and if it is not justifed. it will  be hell for you more

spirit bonding revised

12 Dec

spirit bonding.
i had written about this before. so i decided to re-write about again.
there are many ways to bond with a spirit. and whatever instructions you may receive from a conjurer/seller is the best to follow. i myself add the burning of hair as an offering in the bonding ritual. others use blood.
well the truth is you follow what is best in your heart on how to do the ritual.
after the bonding. do not expect anything to happen. nor expect the spirit to make itself known to you at first. some of my spirits took  weeks before i experience anything. then there are others a few seconds like my succubus/ qarinah. above all else be patient with your spirit. and talk to them as they were there. no matter what happens. meditate as much as possible. which can be simple. just hold their vessel. and focus on your breathing. nothing else. and don’t get discourage if you sense nothing. each spirit has their way of revealing themselves.

what my spirit family taught me about hate

3 Dec

i can understand why you might have people dislike you and hate you.

but why tell someone that your too ugly to have someone to love you?  this is what i found out at work. because of this i decided to cast a spell against my enemies there.  i excused my fae and dragons and any other light working entities. then invited my djinn, my succubi and any other of my dark working entity. as i cast the spell. before i did i asked why are people like this? i did no one harm? i try to be friends with all.  why? there was no answer. so i did it.

i expect some of my friends may be alarm by this. i will understand if you unfriend me. but see my point of  view. for a long time i believe in love and  the miracles that  came from it. but not any more. it is my spirit family that keeps me from going completely over  to the dark side. but unlike some deities. they support me even if i  don’t practice the golden rule, the witches creed  and loving thy neighbor.

and this is my point: just cause you love your neighbor or enemy doesn’t  give them the right to mess you up.  so this what i learn. please understand why i did what i did.  😦
however my spirit family wanted none of this. as i laid on the bed i heard their voices this is what i heard they said:
no no no no. ….curse….no future… curse….no future. in small feminine voices. i heard a male voice exclaimed with curse all is dead, with curse all is dead. they were adamant. so i reverse the curse. and said as salt dissolves in water so is my curse. and i felt relief from them. 
i maybe hated by humans. and called ugly. but at least my spirit family accepts me. so mote it be.