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why do djinn seem to be missing from a vessel?

7 Feb

djinn have a tendency to either go on a sabbatical or  a vacation. mine seem missing at times. but when i  touch the vessels. and asked if they are there. i get a sensation from the vessel. as long as you sense a faint sensation of energy from the vessel they are connected to it. they are there. as for where they go? well if you have family. wouldn’t you go and see them? if you needed a rest wouldn’t you go on a vacation? as for calling them. don’t expect an answer right away. it is like a text message or leaving a message. they will get back to you when they can. i recall calling a djinn. and she didn’t come right away. when she did. i forgot because she came to me a few days later. i apologized to her. and she smiled.  my lady explain to her what happened. she was okay. so if you asked for something don’t expect an answer right away. sometimes they respond immediately. sometimes they don’t.