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how to explain that your a witch to a christian

29 May

it is funny because  i have the same issues at work and with relatives. i will tell you how i deal with christians. you don’t. you let them believe what the hell they want. you believe what the hell you want.

what i do is tell them what i believe in my spiritual path, i condense it for them in the way they might understand. i tell them i believe in God but not in the way they do. we believe that god reveals himself in nature. besides a burning bush or some jewish prophet. i tell them we believe that god has a wife her name is the Goddess. i point out to them. that they believe in her in the form of Mary. and jews call her the shekinah. the muslims as Allat in the person of fatimah the daughter of mohammed. and gnostics believe her as Sophia wisdom which is found in the book of proverbs.

i tell them that spells, rituals , etc are just another version of prayer and petitions to a deity.

i tell them that magick is a self directed self made miracle. and we are channeling the spirit of the Divine Source when we do it.

we make friendship with all spirits. and not just angels and saints. in this we practice love the greatest law of goddess and god. the Divine Couple as One. for love is the law.

and last we have the witch’s rede. which is a simple rule that is less complex than those written in the old testament:

Do what ye will. Harm none.

for what ye do returns three fold.
P.S. and i believe in Elat, Lilith, Hecate, etc

ritual of the jazaam kibaat square

27 May

this square is used to drive away evil spirits, negative energies, bad luck, black magick, bad health.
all you need to do before you do the ritual is inform your spirit companions what you are doing.
place the square on an altar or a space where you conduct your rituals. write your name on the back of the square. light a candle. and place your hand on the square. and say the following:
Rahmaat Arwah karimah cHazar gHayyar.
you may add the name of your Deities  if you like. but also add the names of God and the Goddess in Arabic as well.
such as Allah and Allat or Alilat. although these names appear Islam they are far more ancient. the other names i have used were El and Elat. i have also used the name of Lilith Zahriel Ishet Adam Qadmon Lilith Zahriel cHavah Qadmon since she is a primodial Female and the daughter of Allah and Allat. she is called Laylah and Lilitu .
after the ritual fold the square in 4 times. then burn it in a tissure. and light strawberry incense to make peace with your spirits.

Copy of jazaam kibat magick square

interaction of light and dark spirits

1 May

i have several spirits together both light and dark. they respect each others presence and space. the thing i learn is to let the entity that you are adopting know your other companions even if they do know. and vice aversa with the spirits that you have. of course they wont hang around. they will leave if necessary to avoid conflict. but this doesn’t mean they wont come back to visit you. i learn they will come back if you call to them. and asked the others not to interfere.

it is matter of respecting a spirit’s wishes. and respecting your other spirits by informing them of your plans and let them do whatever they wish. then they will be more willing to help you een if they are far away.