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phases of the moon.

15 Mar

it is taught the phases of the moon represent the aspects of the goddess.  Some teach there are eight.  Others say nine
new moon represents the crone
the waxing crescent: represents the young maiden
the first quarter  represents  the maiden
the waxing gibbous represents the young matriarch
the full moon:  the matriarch
the waning gibbous represents the mature matriarch
the last quarter: the old matriarch
the waxing crescent :  the old matriarch
for each of the phases of the moon. there is an esbat to celebrate the aspect of the goddess under the phase of the moon.

This is eight phases.  However in certain times of the year. There is a extended time between the waning crescent moon and the New Moon. It is called the dark moon .this phase is the 9th phase. This phase is when the goddess is represented as the grandmother matriarch.