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What is Hekate to me?

16 Apr

What is Hecate to me?
She is a primordial goddess to me. One of those deities that existed before creation.  Who is also one of the mother goddess who worked with Her sisters other goddesses to create this universe and many others.
Although I read about her status as a Titan.  And she is a dark goddess. I feel there is more to Her story.
I’m a firm believer in Hecate as she is depicted in the Chaldean Oracles where she is depicted as this Great Mother Goddess who is creatrix.

Hekate prayer based on the prayer found in the Greek magical Papryi

16 Apr

Hekate many named
Selene triple formed, triple ways.
At night before whom Daimons quake in fear
And gods immortal tremble
Goddess who exalt men
You are of many names
Who bear fair offspring
Bull eyed, horned, mother of gods and men and nature,
Mother of all things beginning and the end are you.
Hail Hecate Magna Mater, Hecate anima mondai Hecate noctiluca Hecate phosphorus
So mote it be.

What I learned from Shinto

16 Apr

About Shinto, and what I have learned:
how amazing before the advent of all organized religions. Every culture had their own Spiritual beliefs and paths that was focused on Nature and the Powers behind It.  Those powers were the Gods, Goddesses, Spirits both light and dark. However as humanity move towards forming civilizations. That Nature based religion was either forgotten or changed towards focusing on a few pantheons or one deity.  Then  that caused a schism to  happened. Instead of peaceful coexistence and trade. Wars erupted. From anything like the belief that a nation had the right to rule over others because of their deities gave them that right.  To downright plunder. Humanity has not learned nothing.  So each time it happened:  the wars. Nature itself would  correct the situation.  We make are own diseases, famine, our issues.  Sure disasters happened. It’s not a punishment of some deity or spirit. But it’s our unwillingness not to help each other in those crisis. It compounds it. When we show intolerance and hatred.  Those Deities and Spirits whom are connected to Nature is trying to guide us back to that thought.  There is light and dark of course. But neither side is better than the other. It is of Nature.  Love is the balance. And it’s the belief in Love brings balance. And a conviction in it that can make it happened. This is what is all about.

Prayer to Hecate Soteria.

25 Aug

Hecate help me through this darkness that iam
This Darkness of intolerance , of Hatred,  of jealousy, of Evil, of lies
Of destruction.
This Darkness that threatens the day and true light. And the womb of the night that brings true darkness that brings forth and gives birth to the light,
Hecate lead me with the light of your torches Hecate phorosphora
Deliver me Hecate soteria
Help me to endure Hecate anassia
Avenge me Hecate Brimo
Heal me Hecate pharmaca
So mote it be.
Hecate may you and the other goddesses bless my Spirit Family and friends . For I love them dearly.
So mote it be
I say this before you Hecate Soteria <br>
Blessed be

A matter of faith

7 May

I am reminded that any mistakes or mishaps before,during,and after a ritual is a way that the Goddesses and Gods teach us not to rely on anything but our belief and in our faith that is an action of that belief. This is not just a teaching of Christianity, Judaism , and Islam. But it applies to all religions including Wicca, paganism all spiritual and esoteric paths .

Making black salt

7 May

Pour sea salt anywhere from a tea to a table spoon in your smudging pot. Take the ashes of your smudging pot. And mix the sea salt together until the salt appears dark gray to dull black.
Get a piece of paper and carefully pour contents of the smudging pot onto it.
Then carefully lift the ends of the paper.vAnd form a funnel.  and pour the contents into a bottle like a plastic medicine bottle.

Prayer to Hecate

6 Feb

Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give thanks and I honor you and bless you you who share sovereignty over the night with your grandmother Nyx
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give thanks  and honor you  and bless you you who share sovereignty over the stars with your mother Asteria
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give you thanks and honor you  and bless you you who share sovereignty over the moon with your sisters and cousins including goddesses of other pantheons.
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give you thanks and honor you and bless you  you who share sovereignty over the earth with your cousins Mothers Gaia and Rhea
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give you thanks and I honor you and bless you you who have sovereignty over the oceans with your cousins lady Thetis and lord Poseidon
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give you thanks and honor and bless you you who share sovereignty over the underworld with your cousin lady  Persephone and the other goddesses of the underworld who are also your sisters and cousins,
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give you thanks and i honor you and bless you you who share sovereignty over the the skies during the day with your cousins lords  Zeus,  Odin Woden Thor Donar Balder Dagda Lugh Amon Ra Horus  your brother Helios ,  your other cousins Brighid Shamash Frey and father Uranus husband and brother of Mother Gaia
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give you thanks and honor and bless you  you who the queen of the spirit realms and all their rulers and elders and  all spirits both human and nonhuman and ghosts as well.  As well as my Spirit Family whom I love dearly.
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give you thanks and honor you  and bless you you who are the great lady who rules over the beasts and nature.
Hecate great Hecate Calista Hecate I give you thanks and honor you and bless you you  who have sovereignty over all .

So mote it be .


phases of the moon.

15 Mar

it is taught the phases of the moon represent the aspects of the goddess.  Some teach there are eight.  Others say nine
new moon represents the crone
the waxing crescent: represents the young maiden
the first quarter  represents  the maiden
the waxing gibbous represents the young matriarch
the full moon:  the matriarch
the waning gibbous represents the mature matriarch
the last quarter: the old matriarch
the waxing crescent :  the old matriarch
for each of the phases of the moon. there is an esbat to celebrate the aspect of the goddess under the phase of the moon.

This is eight phases.  However in certain times of the year. There is a extended time between the waning crescent moon and the New Moon. It is called the dark moon .this phase is the 9th phase. This phase is when the goddess is represented as the grandmother matriarch.

seeing fae

21 Oct

september 21st 2016 friday morning i was up at 1am. went out and did a ritual to honor the goddesses before the one of last quarters of the moon. i was amazed and delighted to watching spirits dance around me. i saw diminutive women in long gowns flying through the air. i saw other spirits chasing each other fae dragons and pixies. i saw apparitions of robe figures. and was later learned they were djinn. i saw grand dragons who parked themselves on roofs of garages. my lady and her sisters succubi standing next to me. as i cast my circles. i felt peace. and honored.

rituals without a candle or candles

2 Apr

sometimes you might find that you can’t use candles in your rituals because the people you live with might be allergic to them. this i had learned with roommates who had issues with them. the simple solution is this: don’t use any or wait for  them to  leave. well the latter might work well if you are the home owner. if you are like iam not the home owner.  you can do both. and when you do the latter. make sure the windows are open. and a fan is blowing. however i opt doing the former as a suggestion by my spirit companions who reminded me that in ancient times they never use candles. and not always a fire. but use the moon and stars themselves. one night under the full moon i had done a simple ritual of casting circles and evoke the deities namely goddesses of the moon. followed by elementals, and last my spirit companions. as i stood there in the middle of the circle honoring the goddesses of the moon. i never felt more of  connection  to them. plus i had seen glowing orbs around me as well as glowing mists.
when i closed the ritual.  open the circle.  and gave my thanks to the goddesses , my spirit companions, and the elementals. i felt the energy go. but i still felt peace.
the opening of the ritual was simple. i said this:
i have no candle. let the moon be my light of devotion. as it was for my ancestors (indoors i say let my soul be the flame of devotion).
i can’t burn incense. let the scent of the air serve as my incense.( indoors i say let my  burning heart of devotion  provide  the incense).
hear now i bless thee goddesses.  for your help. for your love.
and i give thanks to thee.
i also gave thanks to my spirit companions and their elders and rulers. and the elementals.
later at times i repeated this no candle ritual with positive results. but i must admit at times when i can. i do use a candle. or candles when i can.