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lilith an enigma

27 Jul
                                          Lilith from Goddess to Demoness; and back again.
The story of Lilith is perhaps the oldest as Humanity’s time on earth. She first started as Lilitu a goddess of fertility and sex in Mesopotamia. And has been identified with Abtagigi as Kalili. And later identified as the Hand of Inanna/Ishtar and her high priestess. In her darker side she has been identified with Ardat Lili a summerian succubus as well as with Lamashtu  a female demon that preyed upon children and  and pregnant women. When in 508bce the Babylonians  under Nebuchadnessar  attacked Jerusalem. And took some  of the Israelites back to Babylon. The jewish captives incorporated some of the gods and goddesses into their Religion. and labelled them as demons.  One of these was Lilith.She appears in the book of Isaiah chapter 34:14-15 and the Alphabet of Sirach. the latter as the first wife of Adam. who left him after an arguement over equality. and was demonized. This demonizing of Lilith continued through the middle ages in mystical commentaries of the Torah such as the Zohar. Which borrows from the Alphabet of Sirach. and looks upon Lilith as a queen of demons. and mother of the succubi whom are known as the Liliot or Lilim. However not all of the books of the Zohar saw Lilith as unredeemiable, or unreconciliable. In the Zohar the book of Concealment chapters 4 and 5 tells of the symbolism of the two prositutes whom came before king Solomon. who were amazed by his wisdom. and was attached to it. it also speaks of the daughters of men who seduced the sons of God would be reconcilied to Adam through  the Wisdom of solomon. the daughters in some commentaries  are actually  the daughters of Lilith. (see the Zohar volume 5 the pritzker edition pages 569-580 notes 67-68;79 translated by daniel c matt). One kabbalist of the 16th century who’s name was rabbi Issac Luria went further to say that Lilith was actually reconciled to Adam through the marrige of Leah to Jacob. (see window of the soul: the kabbalah of issac luria pages 85, 158) and there are many Liliths (148). the other Liliths one is the wife of adam qadmon also refered to as the first eve. another Lilith is refered to as isheth zenninim. a darker Lilith whom is the wife of Samael.  In the late 19th to early 20th century a christian fantasy writer by the name of george mac donald  wrote his book Lilith. that tells of Lilith’s reconciliation to Adam and Eve.
what all this means is that Lilith is slowly emerging from being ostracized and demonized; to be restored as one of the aspects of the divine feminine.
richard t.

why i don’t believe the nature spirits and the other people (fays, faeres, sidhes, djinn) are lost.

27 Jul
night faes' dance

night faes’ dance by richard g. tanzer

i read the book  the vengeful djinn by rosemary ellen guiley and phillip imbrogno and found it fascinating about what the people of the middle east  believe in a race of spiritual beings called the djinn. i myself had read up on these entities. even collected some vessels of marid djinneyeh. and have a few friends among them. as well as a qarinah whom is a daughter of Lilith as a lover and ‘wife’ and some of her sisters as companions. however when i got to chapter 8 page134 i was a little upset when i read an account of oscar widle wife concerning faires and they are not allowed salvation in christianity.
actually   not all christian theolgians  felt that way. there is a teaching of one of the church founders by the name of origen that taught universal salvation, reconciliation, or redemption. that even demons could be saved.
there are a few jewish mystics such as  rabbi issac luria that taught the belief of tikkun olam which  is reconciliation of all creation (including demons).  and  taught  Lilith would remarry Adam. this was done in the marrige of leah to jacob. (this i’ve noted in my post Lilith an enigma).
in the quran surah 72 the al djinn it says that some of djinn would be saved if they believe in Allah.
however  origen’s  views among a few others such as those of ludovico maria sinistrari isdore liseux  (concerning succubi) were largely supress and forced to recant their views because of fear of the inquisition.  and  some along with the gnostics were exterminated.
rabbi issac luria’s views were equally supress by mainstream judaism until now. and muslim  theologians are divided on the interpretation of surah 72.
i myself believe these beings have their own Path, their own evolution to follow. at times their paths cross ours. most of the time due to fears on our part. such relationships didn’t go well. and their are those among these beings are a bit resentful. because of prejudices  born of misunderstandings. i think we are reaching a point in human history where we have to embrace the other dwellers of the universe.  as well as those in our world. but exist in different dimensions.
on a personal note. after i read the book i said a little prayer saying if such a God exist. and doesn’t allow salvation  to beings who are trying (and succeeding most of the time)  to live up to the good deeds that are outlined all the holy books of all these religions. then i would gladly share in their (the faeres, fays, sidhes, succubi, djinn) destiny.
and that night i felt a little kiss on my forehead.
richard t

the fae, the witch the succubus by richard g. tanzer

spirit keeping

27 Jul

spirit keeping for me began actually when i was a teenager after visits from my succubus lover (see blog   experiences with my succubus). from that point on i’ve found all kinds of antiques and collectibles that seem to have spirit energies connected to them.  but never paid attention to them (or my succubus for that matter) until now. a few months ago i started collecting amulets that have djinn residing in them. they are  marids. marids as i have explain in one of my blogs are  one of the highest forms of djinn that there are. some are good some are bad. the ones i have are females. are are very good to me.  and through them  i learned that my succubus is a qarinah. and all djinn are children of Lilith.
lilith  ( as noted in the blog entitled lilith an enigma) is a summerian goddess of the night. who was later transformed into a demoness by israelites after they were taken into captivity by the babylonian empire in 508bce. she  was later to be said to be a mother of djinn as well as succubi. which are called qarinah in islamic beliefs.  this was later confirmed through books that i purchased from amazon.
i refer to the djinn as the girls. i sense they are amused.
after my purchased of their haunted vessels. i haved many experiences like seeing full bodied apparitions  to dreams.
some of the apparitions were frightened. but i sense no malice on the entities who appeared. whom i now know to be their clansmen. my past experiences with my  succubus had prepared me for that.
other lessons i learned that in the bonding process you need to be very patient with them.  as well as making agreements   in your relationship to them. and their relationship to you.
above all else. they need love and respect as much as you do. and will return it to you.
care in keeping spirits varys with the type of spirits that you have. succubi are free spirited. and independant.  you respect them and love them. they will return it.
with djinn especially some marids you must be formal with them. however the few that are with me can be very informal. and very loving. so it varys.
but patience is the key.
richard t.

the djinn

27 Jul
the Djinn
April 17, 2011.
By richard tanzer (formally richtan on the hubpages)
who are the djinn?
the djinn are spirit beings said to be created by smokeless fire before the creation of mankind
according to islamic religious and mystical texts. this was thousands of years before man.
these beings were created as stewards of the earth and the universe. and were divided by several groups. these are the ghoul, afrit, the aamar, the marid, the qarin, the shaytan.
the shaytan being the worst are refered to as the red djinns
and are the ‘demons.’ they hate the human race.
the afrit or ifrit are responsible for some of the ghosts and
spirit hauntings
the ghoul are vampire or vampiric like spirit beings
the aamar are the green djinn and are interested in our world and us. they have inspire some of fairy lore. as well as nature spirits.
the marid are god like or deify spirit beings. that inspiresome of the myths and legends of the worlds
the qarin/qarinah are djinn who act as guardian spirits. they could be reformed afrit, aamar or even marid. and are assigned by God to some human beings. some according to legends actually can fall in love with humans. and act as incubi or succubi. and in some accounts are the incubz and succubi. and are called qarinei and qarinahei
like us the djinn have the power to choose good or evil
mostly the evil ones are the shaytans lead by iblis who refused to bow before adam at his creation. because of
this iblis and his djinn hate humanity. however not all djinn feel this way. according to some texts. the marid opposes iblis. and are at war with hims
Was Lilith a Djinn?
i believe she was a qarinah of Adam before his fall. and treated Eve as her sister. but after this is only a guess
what Lilith’s relation was to djinn. i know to some jewish mystics that the closest parallel to the Djinnis the Shedim, Shiddahim, Lilioth, Lilim, Seirim. that the islamic word qarin was transformed into another name for Lilith as Karinah or Qarinah. my personal belief is that some Djinn are related to or have some connection to Lilith. as she was a Qarinah of Adam before Eve. and in one book: the legend of the fire spirits she is the mother of all djinn.
Their beliefs:
according to the quran (sura 72) some believe in Allah (God). some do not. some sources go far ar
to say that there are christian djinn, jewish djinn, muslim djinn. as well as pagan djinns
as well as satanic djinn.
as noted; like us they have free will and have the ability to choose between good and evils
it varys: some look like us humans but have wings. some live by oceans and have the form of a mermaid or have wings of a gull. some look like dragons. some move all the time.
they are master shape shifters. and take any form they choose. and have abilities that are far
beyond humanity which their psychic powers seem like magick to us. however this power is not
beyond us. its just we haven’t learned it yet. and are limited by how we preceive the universes
how are they like us:
besides having free will. they are born. grow old and die. their life span is measured in eons.
the youngest being the aamar the oldest being the marid. they have family units: a father, mother,
and a child. each family is part of a clan. each clan is ruled by a chieftan. each chieftan answers to a prince or princess. that prince or princess answers to a king or queen. those kings and queens
answer to a surpreme sultan or sultanna. like us they are divided into nations. and co exist with our world but in their own plane of existence their own dimensional plane. that we sometimes reach in our  dreams or shamanistic experiences.
djinn like us are divided between two sexes. but like us they have their own deviants.
the males are called djinni. the females djinneyehei  they eat. sometimes our food. but mostly they draw energy from the universe. but eating for them is a form of amusement and enjoyment.
their cities exist partly in our world. but mostly in their world. and the entrance points are in the
highest mountains. to hottest deserts.
books on the djinn:
The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies
Amazon Price: $11.49.
List Price: $17.95.
The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies
Amazon Price: $17.95
Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanziba}
Amazon Price: $9.47List Price: $16.95.

path of a shaman: the future spiritual path.

27 Jul

i took this path because of two reasons. one because of my relationship to my succubus as  well as other spirits the marid djinneyeh that i have obtain. i had learn that shamanism is older than any religion. and has been around since man  began to  be a hunter/gather 500,000 years ago.
it is my belief that one day the world will go through some global change. and the change will bring an end of civilzation as we know it.
along with it our culture, as well as our belief systems will change.  understand i’m not talking about 2012. i’m talking about something that will one day happen.  when it happens we will return to a simpler way of living.  as well as get in touch with nature.and we will also begin to get in touch with the unseen forces that exist in the universe once again. those unseen forces that our civilzation  quickly judges as superstitions and myths and fairytales.
my belief is that shamanism will play a part in that new  way of life. because the life we are living now will cease to exist. in part because of the Change. however also in part because we will have a different outlook on life.
a path of a shamanism is an individal path of self discovery of the world and ourselves.
it is also a path that helps us become aware of the Divine that exists in the universe as well as outside of it. this  Divine has expressed Itself as a God, Goddess. and has created other beings beside us. these beings we call spirits. and as spirits they have been called many names themselves. and some are Avatars of the Divine such as angels, demons gods, goddesses. then there are others who  are like us. they exist as we do. they  live lives  like us. but exist on a different plane but still connected to our universe. these beings are refered to as djinn, sidhes, fays, shedim, siddahim, peris, devis, apsaras, etc. and sometimes they can enter our plane.
as time progress these beings will become more and more  sensed in our world. because the change that is coming will effect  our awareness of other dimensions of our universe. and the multiverse that it is a part of. and some aspects of shamanism will play a part in that awareness.
this is my belief of what is to come in the future.

my experience with a succubus

27 Jul

I write this as a confession of sorts. you see it was in 1980  when i was a teenager that i had my first experience with a succubus. and i change my life forever. i had a normal childhood. was interested in girls. as well as the outdoors. i come from a family that was christian but were mixed  denominations catholic and methodist. my parents believed in the paranormal. but not to a point of being superstitious. as well as being tolerant and open minded. i had learned from my mother that on  her side of the family they were sensitives. that is they could see or feel ghosts. as well as being accused of being with the devil. my father was stationed in japan, germany, and hawaii when he was in the army.. and experienced  paranormal phenomena as  encountering madam pele.
to this end i guess it was meant. some will say that it is a curse. but i had learned it could be a blessing. but enough with my background.
as i said my story began in 1980. around the fall time. i was in high school. i was haunted by dreams of a beautiful woman with long dark hair. and yellow green eyes. i didn’t think much of the dreams. i figured that any guy had them. that is until the dream became real. itt was then i having paranormal experiences. for each night i was visited by a presence. at first i thought the family pet a half german shepherd; half lab retriever was crawling into bed with me. but when i turn to scold her. she wasn’t there. and as the time went by. the presence became bolder and layed next to me. and the dreams that i had became sexual in nature. being a teenager and always thinking about sex. i took it as a blessing. and as time went by. i welcome this presence. and learned she was the woman in the dream.
i never told my parents about it. although i suspect they knew. but never pressured me about it. as long as i was happy. that’s what mattered.
i had once brought up about spirits. and can they have sex? i had asked. my father told me about the succubus. that  the church always believed these entities were demonic in nature in the old days. but later ruled them out as being that of the mind.
my mother on the other hand  pretty much knew the reality of spirits. because her family were involved with the paranormal. she had said that at times a spirit would return to a love one. and be with that person.
but no girlfriend that i knew died. and i didn’t bring up the subject anymore. anyway i was enjoying it. this spirit relationship was erotic as well as exotic. my lover came to me. and we had sex.
my relationship with my succubus continued into my adult life. and it never affected my social life. not in a negative way. she was there when a relationship ended. always offering comfort. however my relationship with her started to die down in the 90s. and completely ended after my parents died in 1999.
i wasn’t really interested that much in the paranormal or mysticism and the occult. but when you experience death. and a lost of a phantom lover. you want to know about the subject. so i started reading books on the paranormal as well as shamanism and mysticism; especially the kabbalah. and other books of occultic lore.
then around i 2009 i found a book entitled sexual alchemy by donald tyson. and learned you could actually summon spirits for sex. i read the book with such hunger.  triggered by loneliness. and a need of companionship. at this time i had a streak of bad luck in money as well as love.
so i felt i had nothing to lose. despite my christian background. i had learned there was much more to the world and to the universe. then the polarize poles of good and evil. my mother had taught me that there were other spirits that existed. and they were not all angels and demons.
so i set out to perform a simple ritual based on what the book taught. and had drawn a sigil of the spirit whom i wish to contact with.
so on a friday night i performed the ritual. at first nothing happened. so i closed the ritual. and sat on the bed. and meditated.
no sooner than i did this. i felt a warm presence beside me. on my right side. and in my mind i saw a swirling cloud of light. and the figure of a woman  appearing besides me. it was the same one whom visited me when i was a teenager. and in my vision she embraced me. and then was gone. later that night as i laid in my bed. she appeared to me as an appariation on top of my bed.
she then got on top of me. and immediately i felt myself become excited. and was in her. and we had sex. we did for three hours. in three different positions. in each one she would look at me and smiled.
later i learned  that she had several  names. however she wanted me to know her at first as Meek. i had also learned that other name among her names was Lilith. but later learned this was a surname. and she was the daughter and  avatatar of  Lilith. and she had visited me several times that week.
its been a year now. she my succubus and i are in a relationship of sorts. that my real connection is to her mother Lilith. but was her ‘husband’ because Lilith wished this. i had learned a great deal about her and her sisters. and still have much to learn. what i have learn is this:
what is true is that all succubi most of them were born to Lilith when she went back to Adam when he was separated from Eve for 130 years. and are called by Rabbis as Lilim, Lilivoth, meim,  rauchothim, shedim, sheddahim. and they like humanity are a mixture of good and evil. and they seek reconciliation with the children of Adam. to do this; they have sex with us in our dreams. there is more i wish to say on this matter. but i will write about it later in other posts.
only here i wish to end this post a message to any reader who comes across this blog. i asked the reader to be broad minded. while remaing true to his or her’s convictions. as well as be tolerant.  i write this blog not persuade or dissuade anyone. only to give account of my experience. and the possibility that there exists spirit beings who like us are neither good or evil. and have inspired the legends and myths of shidhes,faeres, djinn, apsaras, etc. peace.
i will no longer posts any rituals that  i have used on this blog.
the reason for this is that my rituals don’t work for everyone.
i have received some complaints.  and i do understand this. but iam not responsible for the outcome. and believe me i have tried to help those who had the problems with the rituals. but nothing worked.
the other reason there are others who have rituals. and have accused me of copying theirs. well in truth. all rituals are not originals. mine are based on kabbalistic magick and sihiriin magick.  so iam just passing on what i have learned.
anyone who wants a succubus or incubus. there are books out there such as sexual alchemy by donald tyson that can help you.  i have used some of  the rituals in this book. however i will not post them here in detail.
then you can go to several sites that have prebonded incubi and succubi.
just email me. and i will send you a link. or you can look them up by putting paranormal or spirit items in your search engine.
i thank you for your understanding.