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Prayer to Hecate Soteria.

25 Aug

Hecate help me through this darkness that iam
This Darkness of intolerance , of Hatred,  of jealousy, of Evil, of lies
Of destruction.
This Darkness that threatens the day and true light. And the womb of the night that brings true darkness that brings forth and gives birth to the light,
Hecate lead me with the light of your torches Hecate phorosphora
Deliver me Hecate soteria
Help me to endure Hecate anassia
Avenge me Hecate Brimo
Heal me Hecate pharmaca
So mote it be.
Hecate may you and the other goddesses bless my Spirit Family and friends . For I love them dearly.
So mote it be
I say this before you Hecate Soteria <br>
Blessed be