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About Mermaids: a body found and the new evidence as seen on animal planet this memorial day weekend 2013.

28 May

i don’t have a problem with the possibilty of mermaids existing. being a shaman. and a student of middle eastern magick. i have had my shares of encountering what some call the paranormal as well as what others would call jung archtypes of the human psyche. to me both are communications from actual beings whatever it be from another dimension or archtypes from the human mind. because it has been proven that somehow the human mind effects the universe as in “the measurement problem.”
to me mermaids exist already as spiritual entities called in some parts of the world as Fae or Faeries. other parts of the world call them Djinn.
i think it is possible that humanity may have branches to its family. they found the hobbit skeleton in indonesia not too long ago. some researchers think bigfoot might be another offshoot of humanity. others a descendant of gigantopithecus. but it proves something found in folkalore, myth, and legend may have bases in fact. besides beings from another plane of existence whatever some see that of one’s own’s mind.
or from another dimension. and the latter has been proven a possibility thanks to quantum mechanics.
to me mermaids as depicted in the “mockumentry ” are a branch of homo sapiens aquaticus. they are called mermaids because they RESEMBLE THEM.
the fae kind are the others. the REAL ONES.
and yeah i believe they might exist. problem is once we know they do exist. do we exterminate them as other branches of the human race? because sadly we are a race with issues. we don’t get along with each other.