the djinn

27 Jul
the Djinn
April 17, 2011.
By richard tanzer (formally richtan on the hubpages)
who are the djinn?
the djinn are spirit beings said to be created by smokeless fire before the creation of mankind
according to islamic religious and mystical texts. this was thousands of years before man.
these beings were created as stewards of the earth and the universe. and were divided by several groups. these are the ghoul, afrit, the aamar, the marid, the qarin, the shaytan.
the shaytan being the worst are refered to as the red djinns
and are the ‘demons.’ they hate the human race.
the afrit or ifrit are responsible for some of the ghosts and
spirit hauntings
the ghoul are vampire or vampiric like spirit beings
the aamar are the green djinn and are interested in our world and us. they have inspire some of fairy lore. as well as nature spirits.
the marid are god like or deify spirit beings. that inspiresome of the myths and legends of the worlds
the qarin/qarinah are djinn who act as guardian spirits. they could be reformed afrit, aamar or even marid. and are assigned by God to some human beings. some according to legends actually can fall in love with humans. and act as incubi or succubi. and in some accounts are the incubz and succubi. and are called qarinei and qarinahei
like us the djinn have the power to choose good or evil
mostly the evil ones are the shaytans lead by iblis who refused to bow before adam at his creation. because of
this iblis and his djinn hate humanity. however not all djinn feel this way. according to some texts. the marid opposes iblis. and are at war with hims
Was Lilith a Djinn?
i believe she was a qarinah of Adam before his fall. and treated Eve as her sister. but after this is only a guess
what Lilith’s relation was to djinn. i know to some jewish mystics that the closest parallel to the Djinnis the Shedim, Shiddahim, Lilioth, Lilim, Seirim. that the islamic word qarin was transformed into another name for Lilith as Karinah or Qarinah. my personal belief is that some Djinn are related to or have some connection to Lilith. as she was a Qarinah of Adam before Eve. and in one book: the legend of the fire spirits she is the mother of all djinn.
Their beliefs:
according to the quran (sura 72) some believe in Allah (God). some do not. some sources go far ar
to say that there are christian djinn, jewish djinn, muslim djinn. as well as pagan djinns
as well as satanic djinn.
as noted; like us they have free will and have the ability to choose between good and evils
it varys: some look like us humans but have wings. some live by oceans and have the form of a mermaid or have wings of a gull. some look like dragons. some move all the time.
they are master shape shifters. and take any form they choose. and have abilities that are far
beyond humanity which their psychic powers seem like magick to us. however this power is not
beyond us. its just we haven’t learned it yet. and are limited by how we preceive the universes
how are they like us:
besides having free will. they are born. grow old and die. their life span is measured in eons.
the youngest being the aamar the oldest being the marid. they have family units: a father, mother,
and a child. each family is part of a clan. each clan is ruled by a chieftan. each chieftan answers to a prince or princess. that prince or princess answers to a king or queen. those kings and queens
answer to a surpreme sultan or sultanna. like us they are divided into nations. and co exist with our world but in their own plane of existence their own dimensional plane. that we sometimes reach in our  dreams or shamanistic experiences.
djinn like us are divided between two sexes. but like us they have their own deviants.
the males are called djinni. the females djinneyehei  they eat. sometimes our food. but mostly they draw energy from the universe. but eating for them is a form of amusement and enjoyment.
their cities exist partly in our world. but mostly in their world. and the entrance points are in the
highest mountains. to hottest deserts.
books on the djinn:
The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies
Amazon Price: $11.49.
List Price: $17.95.
The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies
Amazon Price: $17.95
Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanziba}
Amazon Price: $9.47List Price: $16.95.

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