path of a shaman: the future spiritual path.

27 Jul

i took this path because of two reasons. one because of my relationship to my succubus as  well as other spirits the marid djinneyeh that i have obtain. i had learn that shamanism is older than any religion. and has been around since man  began to  be a hunter/gather 500,000 years ago.
it is my belief that one day the world will go through some global change. and the change will bring an end of civilzation as we know it.
along with it our culture, as well as our belief systems will change.  understand i’m not talking about 2012. i’m talking about something that will one day happen.  when it happens we will return to a simpler way of living.  as well as get in touch with nature.and we will also begin to get in touch with the unseen forces that exist in the universe once again. those unseen forces that our civilzation  quickly judges as superstitions and myths and fairytales.
my belief is that shamanism will play a part in that new  way of life. because the life we are living now will cease to exist. in part because of the Change. however also in part because we will have a different outlook on life.
a path of a shamanism is an individal path of self discovery of the world and ourselves.
it is also a path that helps us become aware of the Divine that exists in the universe as well as outside of it. this  Divine has expressed Itself as a God, Goddess. and has created other beings beside us. these beings we call spirits. and as spirits they have been called many names themselves. and some are Avatars of the Divine such as angels, demons gods, goddesses. then there are others who  are like us. they exist as we do. they  live lives  like us. but exist on a different plane but still connected to our universe. these beings are refered to as djinn, sidhes, fays, shedim, siddahim, peris, devis, apsaras, etc. and sometimes they can enter our plane.
as time progress these beings will become more and more  sensed in our world. because the change that is coming will effect  our awareness of other dimensions of our universe. and the multiverse that it is a part of. and some aspects of shamanism will play a part in that awareness.
this is my belief of what is to come in the future.

One Response to “path of a shaman: the future spiritual path.”

  1. temporalchameleon December 7, 2012 at 8:09 pm #

    I also believe that we are gradually going to start experiencing multiple dimensions and realities. There are some OBE researchers who believe that humanity is moving towards a kind of dual-consciousness; where we live in two different worlds at the same time.

    In recent years, I’ve been experiencing a dramatic increase in OBEs and seeing the energy forms of spirits out of the corner of my eye.

    It’s a truly exciting time to be living in and I feel that our transition from the Kali Yuga into the Dvapara Yuga might have something to do with this.

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