spirit keeping

27 Jul

spirit keeping for me began actually when i was a teenager after visits from my succubus lover (see blog   experiences with my succubus). from that point on i’ve found all kinds of antiques and collectibles that seem to have spirit energies connected to them.  but never paid attention to them (or my succubus for that matter) until now. a few months ago i started collecting amulets that have djinn residing in them. they are  marids. marids as i have explain in one of my blogs are  one of the highest forms of djinn that there are. some are good some are bad. the ones i have are females. are are very good to me.  and through them  i learned that my succubus is a qarinah. and all djinn are children of Lilith.
lilith  ( as noted in the blog entitled lilith an enigma) is a summerian goddess of the night. who was later transformed into a demoness by israelites after they were taken into captivity by the babylonian empire in 508bce. she  was later to be said to be a mother of djinn as well as succubi. which are called qarinah in islamic beliefs.  this was later confirmed through books that i purchased from amazon.
i refer to the djinn as the girls. i sense they are amused.
after my purchased of their haunted vessels. i haved many experiences like seeing full bodied apparitions  to dreams.
some of the apparitions were frightened. but i sense no malice on the entities who appeared. whom i now know to be their clansmen. my past experiences with my  succubus had prepared me for that.
other lessons i learned that in the bonding process you need to be very patient with them.  as well as making agreements   in your relationship to them. and their relationship to you.
above all else. they need love and respect as much as you do. and will return it to you.
care in keeping spirits varys with the type of spirits that you have. succubi are free spirited. and independant.  you respect them and love them. they will return it.
with djinn especially some marids you must be formal with them. however the few that are with me can be very informal. and very loving. so it varys.
but patience is the key.
richard t.

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