about money spells

5 Jun

about money spells:
well; they work. but do not asked to win the lottery if you are planning to retire early with it. otherwise your spirits and  the goddess will laugh at you. and give you more hours to work at your job. this is what happened with me. i did a money spell weds. now i might be working friday. lol  the spell i used was passing a lottery ticket over burning incense of cinnamon and cloves.  while asking to get money.
should of known something  was up when i heard giggling. lol

One Response to “about money spells”

  1. ken757 June 12, 2014 at 1:31 am #

    One thing I learned is they will help and guide you to be successful and blessed. But they won’t make you a millionaire. lol For example I got an extra 1500 which I used for bill and to buy a spirit circle which in turn I use to continue to thank and work with the same spirits that have been good to me.

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