what happens after a spirit keeper dies?

5 Jun

i had wondered about that myself.  then i come to realize it doesn’t matter. i learned the bonds with spirits and spirit entities can last even beyond this lifetime. that some of my entities come from previous lives that i had. but they find their way back to me. even if the entity was bonded to a vessel.  and was with another keeper. they find their way to me. so in the end i learned you are always connected to your spirits and even to their familes and their worlds. even after death. as for the vessels; the spirit entity either vacates the vessel upon the death of the keeper. or chooses to rmain if it is past on to a family member.  and if the spirit does vacate. another of its family, clan, etc. will take its place to serve the family member who receives the vessel.

2 Responses to “what happens after a spirit keeper dies?”

  1. ken757 June 12, 2014 at 1:32 am #

    This is something I heard before. At least now I know the bonds I have made in the spirtual realm wont go away when my time does come.

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