the Goddess found in the Bible

27 Sep

It is interesting even as the church prosecuted the worshippers of the goddess in the middle ages. that hidden within the Bible especially the book of proverbs was the goddess.
from chapters 1 through 9 it is rich with images of the goddess. as creator, protector, nurturer, tester, corrector.
this wasn’t lost to the mystics of judaism known as the kabbalists. as well as the christian mystics  known as the gnostics. the former called her the Shekinah. the latter refered to her as Sophia.
although the early church stamped out the old religion. they couldn’t remove the goddess from the hearts of mankind. she resurfaced as the Virgin Mary. whom is Mary of Nazareth wife of Joseph, mother of Jesus.
To some what i write here is blasphemy.  however on the surface when one looks at it with objectiveness. one can see the similiarities when one  does comparisons.
In the end it is a sign of the Goddess returning. Not in my opinion to replace the image of God as a father. but God also being a Goddess the mother.
And they are one.

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