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tips about relationships with succubi

10 Sep

from some of my off site blogs and other sites i get alot of emails about people having issues with succubi. one person is experiencing an aggressive succubus. another i having issues of one too  many entities that came with their succubus.
well my advice to them was this:
succubi (and incubi) are like us and other spirits ;  many have different personalities. some are demure and are gentle. and approach in a very
subtle way to their lover. these are the good girl types. but then there are the ones who  are the bad girl types. they are aggressive. and come on strong. they will lap dance you like a exotic dancer. if you don’t pay attention; they will scratch you a little or smack you gently. have to admit mine is the bad girl type. but she makes everything alright.
also tell them;  let your succubus know what you want. and what you like. although she already knows what you want. she wants to hear it from you.
some succubi are party girls chances are if you summon one. her sisters will be with her. well don’t panic.
you need to let her know that you want her. and her alone. you need to tell her companions that they are welcome to visit her. and at times they can stay. providing they don’t cause trouble.
if you want them to leave. then asked them to. if they don’t. you can perform a  welcoming and clearing ritual.
this ritual welcomes good spirits including your succubus. (but you must say so!) but also tells the unwelcome ones to leave.
this done by lighting a white candle and incense preferbly sandalwood or frankincense. and tthen say:
i light this candle and burn this incense to welcome the spirits that  wish to help  me;
however i light this candle and burn this incense to clear all spirits that wish to do harm.
about those who are having problems in bonding with them;
as i have said before please be patient with them. and encourage them by talking to them. like us they too can be put off by negative talk. and being angry.
if you get angry; apologize. and try to be patient. if you do this. they will see that you are trying. and they will work with you.

who are the djinn?

19 Aug

who are the djinn?

the djinn are spirit beings said to be created  from smokeless fire  long before the creation of man.

according to islamic religious and mystical texts. this was  thousands of years before man.  and were created by Allah and Allat.
these beings were created as stewards of the earth and the universe.

and were divided by several groups.
these are the ghoul, afrit, the aamar,  the jann, the marid, the qarin, the shaytan.

the shaytan being the worst are refered to as the red djinns

and are the ‘demons.’ they hate the human race.  however  not all are evil.

the afrit or ifrit are  darker djinn who dwell in the desolate places of the world in hidden or invisible cities. not all ifrit are evil. some of them are my companions.

the ghoul are djinn who dwell in burial grounds and tombs. and feed of the life essences of a newly buried corpses. they are the shades of myth and legend. however like the ifrit;  not all are evil. and do help those in need.

the aamar  and the jann are  djinn that are interested in our world and us. they have inspire some of fairy lore. as well as nature spirits.

the marid are godlike or deify spirit beings. that inspire some of the myths and legends of the worlds. they are at war with the shaytans. and are helpful against evil.

the qarin are djinn who have relationships with humans. and are said to be the  incubi or succubi. and in some accounts are the incubi

and succubi. and are called qarinei and qarinahei

like us the djinn have the power to choose good or evil. and are good and evil.

mostly the evil ones are the shaytans lead by iblis who is said to refused to bow before adam and eve  at   their creation. because of  this  iblis and his djinn hate humanity.  and the good djinn are at war with him.
It is said in some legends that Lilith is the mother of all the djinn. And according to the Kabbalah  the spirits in their writings the parallel the djinn in islamic folkalore are : the Shedim, Shiddahim, Lilioth, Lilim, Seirim.
Their beliefs:
according to the quran (sura 72) some believe in Allah (God) or Allat (Goddess). some do not. some sources go far ar

to say that there are christian djinn, jewish djinn, muslim djinn. as well as pagan djinns  as well as satanic djinn.

as noted; like us they have free will and have the ability to choose between good and evil.


according to middle eastern folkalore they have human like form that can be either majestic and beautiful to something terrifying.

But they are master shape shifters. and can take any form they choose. and have abilities that are  far

beyond humanity which their psychic powers seem like magick to us. however this power is not

beyond us. its just we haven’t learned it yet. and are limited by how we preceive the universes

however they  are like us:

besides having free will. they are born. grow old and die. their life span is measured in eons.

the youngest being the aamar the oldest being the marid. they have family units: a father, mother,

and a child. each family is part of a clan. each clan is ruled by a chieftan. each chieftan answers to o

prince or princess. that prince or princess answers to a king or queen. those kings and queens

they answer to a surpreme sultan or sultanna. like us they are divided into nations. and co exist with our world but also exist in their own plane of existence; their own dimensional plane. that we sometimes reach in dreams or shamanistic experiences.

djinn like us are divided between two sexes. but like us have their own deviants.

the males are called djinni. the females: djinneyehei
they eat. sometimes our food. but mostly they draw energy from the universe. but eating for them is a form of amusement and enjoyments

their cities exist partly in our world. but mostly in their world. and the entrance points are in the highest mountains. to hottest deserts, and other desolate places.
they like the fae have places on this world where they through like the wadi rum in Jordan or the cave of the djinn outside of Oman

please note :

what i write here is not a reflection of my beliefs. but what i’ve read about the djinn in several books such as the following:
the djinn and their hidden agenda by rosemary guiley and philip imbrogno
legend of the fire spirits by r. lebling
living with djinn by barbara drieskens.
my personal belief is that like us the djinn as well as the fae, succubi and incubi,  and other spirit beings are like us have the ability to choose good and evil. and those whom i have in my collection of spirit vessels are loving, kind, affectionate, are good natured.
i love them.

why i don’t believe the nature spirits and the other people (fays, faeres, sidhes, djinn) are lost.

27 Jul
night faes' dance

night faes’ dance by richard g. tanzer

i read the book  the vengeful djinn by rosemary ellen guiley and phillip imbrogno and found it fascinating about what the people of the middle east  believe in a race of spiritual beings called the djinn. i myself had read up on these entities. even collected some vessels of marid djinneyeh. and have a few friends among them. as well as a qarinah whom is a daughter of Lilith as a lover and ‘wife’ and some of her sisters as companions. however when i got to chapter 8 page134 i was a little upset when i read an account of oscar widle wife concerning faires and they are not allowed salvation in christianity.
actually   not all christian theolgians  felt that way. there is a teaching of one of the church founders by the name of origen that taught universal salvation, reconciliation, or redemption. that even demons could be saved.
there are a few jewish mystics such as  rabbi issac luria that taught the belief of tikkun olam which  is reconciliation of all creation (including demons).  and  taught  Lilith would remarry Adam. this was done in the marrige of leah to jacob. (this i’ve noted in my post Lilith an enigma).
in the quran surah 72 the al djinn it says that some of djinn would be saved if they believe in Allah.
however  origen’s  views among a few others such as those of ludovico maria sinistrari isdore liseux  (concerning succubi) were largely supress and forced to recant their views because of fear of the inquisition.  and  some along with the gnostics were exterminated.
rabbi issac luria’s views were equally supress by mainstream judaism until now. and muslim  theologians are divided on the interpretation of surah 72.
i myself believe these beings have their own Path, their own evolution to follow. at times their paths cross ours. most of the time due to fears on our part. such relationships didn’t go well. and their are those among these beings are a bit resentful. because of prejudices  born of misunderstandings. i think we are reaching a point in human history where we have to embrace the other dwellers of the universe.  as well as those in our world. but exist in different dimensions.
on a personal note. after i read the book i said a little prayer saying if such a God exist. and doesn’t allow salvation  to beings who are trying (and succeeding most of the time)  to live up to the good deeds that are outlined all the holy books of all these religions. then i would gladly share in their (the faeres, fays, sidhes, succubi, djinn) destiny.
and that night i felt a little kiss on my forehead.
richard t

the fae, the witch the succubus by richard g. tanzer