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who are the succubi? revisioned.

23 Aug

What are Succubi?
Succubi  in most main stream religions  are depicted as  demonic creatures who  are  malicious. and wishes to enslave a man. or even take his soul. this is however based on fear of the unknown and the belief by major patriarchal monthestic religions that all spirits not part of their spirit  hierarchies and pantheons were demonic and evil.
In truth  the succubi  is part of the fae or djinn world. they are a spirit being or entity of middle eastern origin . sometimes good, sometimes evil they seek the companionship of humanity. mostly men however they do have affairs with women. their  male counterparts  the incubi  with women. but have been with gay men.
According to jewish folkalore and the kabbalah  succubi are the daughters of Lilith the ancient semetic goddess. Whom was later named Lilitu in summerian mythology. And later demonized  by fearful jewish rabbis during the jewish captivity by Babylon in 508 bce. and  in the middle ages. they were called the Lilim  and the Liliot.

Originally Lilith was a goddess of the night whom was worshipped in fertility rites in the middle east. Her daughters whom were called ardat Lili (her sons ardu Lili) were her hands.  Later the goddess Inanna became the goddess of fertility rites. And Lilith as Lilitu became her hand.
When Islam came. Lilith became Laylah. and her daughters became known as the Qarinaheh. the most celebrated of the Qarinah was Aisha Qandisha or  Aicha Qandicha  a succubus djinneyeh  whom dwells in north africa. and is venerated by the Berber tribes.
There is another legend about Lilith being the first wife of Adam. and a elder sister of Eve. but i myself see this as a Daughter of Lilith who became her namesake. and became a mother of her own faction through Adam.
Succubi as i have learned through my succubus are the courtaseans in the fae and djinn world. and answer to four queens who answer to Lilith herself. However despite this there are male entities that serve in these Hierarchies , which  are predominately female.
There are subgroups in these hiearchies; that are divided into three castes: warrior,  siren,  priestesses,  Lilioth.
defenders of their realm. they at times act as emissaries to other realms as well as escorts for the siren,  priestess classes, and of the Lilioth.
borrowed from the name of sea dwelling seductresses is used here to describe the ruling class addressed as ladies.
are succubi who serve as devotees of their mother’s ways. and practice levels of magick above most succubi in their realms.  However it is a form of Tantra magick.
Lilioth are a  special order of succubi that act as avatars of Lilith.  although all succubi do serve as avatars of Lilith.  the Lilioth actually carry Lilith’s name as a sir name. and  have attributes of all three castes. and are second to the four great queens. they are the princesses.
Cousins of the succubi:
are the nymphs, the merfolk. as well as most fae  including the sidhe and djinn.
However there are darker Succubi who serve chaos demons. and answer to Lilith’s rebellious daughter named Eisheth Zennunim wife of Samael a chaos demon prince. as well as a lover of Iblis leader of the shaytan djinn whom refuse to serve  the Light and the Goddess the Mother of All.
Can a Succubus love?
yes. iam in a relationship that has lasted for several years. this relationship took time and a lot of work through patience on her part and mine. we recently wed. and despite what people may think. marrige is as important in the spirit world as it is in ours. however they are more serious about it.
do they have a physical form?
yes. but it  is tangible as a bubble. like an air bubble. you can feel them. but you must be gentle when you touch them. like when you touch a  soap bubble, etc.
they take other forms like apparitions, swirling clouds of greenish, bluish light. sometimes orbs.
as apparitions they can be figures of tall beautiful majestic  women to elvish seductresses.
as for sex with them:
it can start as lucid dreams to her actually physically touching you. and their touch is something else!

Lilith and her connection to other goddesses

17 Apr

it is always with caution that you try not to offend other peoples beliefs when you make comparisons between deities of one’s religion to another.
in my case it is with the goddess Lilith  whom is considered by some a demoness. to me she is not.
and  there are similarities to her with other goddesses that couldn’t be ignored.
one example is Inanna the goddess of love in summerian religion. whom is called Ishtar in babylon.
the similarities is that both are seductresses. as ardat lili  (hand maiden of Lilith) Lilith or Lilitu would come to a sleeping man and seduced him through dreams. and at times she would visited him when he was awake.
Inanna in the epic of gilgamesh tried to seduce the hero after a successful mission.
it is said she would send out her priestesses to bring men to her temples for the great rite.
later Lilith as Lilitu was maded into the hand of Inanna. and was called  abtagigi.
because Lilith is seen as the mother of Djinn, Shedim, Lilim, and all spirits as well as their queen. i drawn similarities to the Keltic Goddess the Morrigan.
the Morrigan is fiercely independant. as well as a goddess to make her own rules. she is the goddess of the great rite as is Lilith. and takes several lovers at a time.
both goddesses are linked to Morgan the Fae. and which she serve as an avatar to both.
both are connected to dogs, birds such as owls and crows. as well as the colors red and black. and to the moon. especially in it’s last quarter.
the Morrigan is called the phantom queen. and Lilith is refered to as the queen of demons; and other spirits.
and there are similiarites to the djinneyeh of morocco known as aisha qandisha
all this for some is coincidence.  but i wonder.
to me Lilith is a very ancient goddess with many daughters and sisters.

lilith an enigma more info

27 Sep
lilith the high priestess

lilith by richard g. tanzer

Lilith an enigma re-editedBy richard tanzer (formally richtan on hubpages)PART1: Lilith; goddess to demoness; and back againThere are many articles and essays about Lilith. so mine isn’t any different. For the exception as a student and practioner of Shamanism as well as a student of mysticism especially the Kabbalah. and the occult. I myself had a fascination with Lilith when i was young. Which lead me to a relationship with one of her ‘daughters’ later in my life.
Which has lasted well over a year. Because of this i have an ‘understanding’ about her.
What is known and taught in the myths of mesopotamia which found its way in jewish mysticism about Lilith is this:
Lilith was originally seen as a goddess known as Kalili mother goddess of sex and fertility. and was equated with the goddesses Balili (assistant to Ereshkagil the goddess of the underworld who was the sister of Dammu), Inanna/Ishtar, and Abtagigi.
With Inanna she was the Hand whom brought men to worship the goddess in hertemple. She later was merge with Abtagigi who is another goddess that was involved with the sacred aspect of sex; such as a cult prositute. However Lilith was later referedto as Ardat Lili and Lilitu the succubi that plague men of mesopotamia.
So how did a goddess of sex and fertility was seen as a demoness in Judaism?
Simple: change in viewpoint. Remember the Jews of ancient times were monotheists and patriarchial in their views. The Tanakh called the old testament in western bibles never refered to any goddesses in a positive light. The only book in the collection of books that make up the Tanakh that refers to the Divine Feminine is the Proverbs.
Lilith was seen as not only a Succubus but as a child killer which is the incorporation ofthe child stealing demon of Mesopotamian beliefs named Lamashtu.
What maded matters worst was that their homeland was invaded by the Babylonians in586 bce. And the jewish people taking into captivity until the Persians came a couple100 years later. So naturally they adapted some beliefs of their Babylonian captives.
And demonized their gods and goddesses. Lilith was one of them.
This continued up through the middle ages with Lilith incorporated in their legends and mysticism as the first wife of Adam. And elder sister of Eve. Who later fell after her quarrel with Adam. and became a lover of Demons. As well as a succubus and childkiller.
However it is interesting to note despite all the negative press of Lilith in the middle ages by Jews, Christians, and even Muslims there were some scholars mystics, and writersthat saw Lilith in a positive light. Among of these was a Rabbi named Issac Luria.
Rav Luria saw that Lilith was to be restored to Adam. this was to be done in the marrige of Leah to Jacob. There was another book of the Zohar entitled the book of concealment that said Lilith and her daughters were restored to Adam through the wisdom of Solomon in the symbolism of the two prositutes that came before him. And other passages that i will not go into detail that spoke of the reconciliation of herdaughters. and so forth.
In Muslim romances we have the story of Laylah and her lover. And later between the19th and 20th centuries the romances of the christian writer George MacDonald’s Lilith.
Indeed the demonizing of Lilith came full circle. She was seen in a new light as fallen being to be later restored.
This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a demon named Lilith. On the contrary as Rav IssacLuria taught there were many Liliths. the most evil and darker of these is the feminineaspect of Samael. This is found in the Zohar 1; 5 a-b. In contrast of the first wife o{ Adam the other Lilith who finds rest. Zohar 1:34 a-b.
Rabbi Luria believed that there was another Adam called Adam Qadmon. And he had awife named Lilith. This is the Lilith who is the hebrew goddess.
Here we find the restoration of Lilith as part of the Divine Feminine. Sister of Eve.
Daughter of Wisdom whom is the ShekinahPART2: Is Lilith a goddessIt really depends on your belief. i myself believe their are many gods and goddesses.
they are aspects of the Divine which is both God and Goddess.
And Lilith is part of this Divine. however she is a primal being. was there at the creation of the universe. existed along side her husband and brother whom kabbalists called Adam Qadmon. she is, borrowing from a gnostic treatise called the Thunder the Perfect Mind  Sophia; a virgin and a prositute; the wise woman and witch; the high priestess and seer.
to me she is both a dark angel full of love and passion. as well as a demoness of wrath and vengeance. but only other demons need to fear this aspect. not humanity; whomshe has loves dearly; even though she has been ostricized from them.
she is wild and independant. but at the same time is fiercely loyal to those who honor her and are devoted to her.
Lilith is mother, sister, daughter, lover. she exists through her avatars her children her sons and daughters called the shedim, lilim, seirim, lilot (shiddahim) . and in the heartsof men and women. in men she is the anima. in women she exists as the animus. you may hate her; fear her. but never deny her existence. for she will remind you she is a round!
she calls to a man through the eyes of a woman that he desires. if the man does what is right towards the woman. he will win Lilith’s heart. but only if he loves the woman without fail. and without any condition. and in mutural love. the anima also represents lilith as the guide and teacher as well as a lover.
she calls to a woman through her animus not only as a lover. be that lover a man or woman. but also in fellowship of womanhood. a sisterhood in which she once shared with Eve.
This is what Lilith isPART 3 mystery of rahab

Rahab is a mysterious figure found in scripture. seen in the negative rahab is found in isaiah51:9, psalm:89:10. as noted in my other hub: respect for satan: the reason whymichael didn’t revile against satan over the body of moses. rahab has been identified in symbolism as egypt. and egypt symbolises one of satans reconciliation to God.. there isalso a teaching among the jewish mystics that rahab is another symbol of Lilith as does the (female ) leviathan. ( she rides the leviathan actually; a symbolism of her connection to the name as the blind dragon).
this connection of Lilith is found in the book of Joshua chapter 2 as in the innkeeper/prositute name Rahab. Rahab actually shelters two israelite spies while they were in jericho. and later she was saved along with her family. when the israelites invaded the city after the walls fell.
jewish mystics who wrote the Zohar the book of concealment had seen this. and wrote in an allegory in chapters 4 and 5. although in some commentaries these chapters the two spies were interpret as the watchers who fell after being seduced by ‘daughters of adam’ later identified as Lilioth. there is a hidden connection that points to the salvationof a prositute and her family. and Lilith is a patron goddess of prositutes and cult prositutes in the ancient middle east.
and the name Rahab means to be proud. which not only is reference to satan’s fall. but into Lilith leaving Adam. and later leaving Samaels

PART4 : ritual in summoning lilith? and her avatars?
to anyone who wishes to learn how to summon lilith.
well in truth. you will get to know Lilith through her avatars: the succubi.
this i learned later in my relationship to my succubus. however there are rituals. i foundsome in which i add the link below to one such. but my advice is do not try it! the reason why i say this is that there are many Liliths. and one of them is pure evil.

Lilith: From Demoness to Dark Goddess

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lilith an enigma

27 Jul
                                          Lilith from Goddess to Demoness; and back again.
The story of Lilith is perhaps the oldest as Humanity’s time on earth. She first started as Lilitu a goddess of fertility and sex in Mesopotamia. And has been identified with Abtagigi as Kalili. And later identified as the Hand of Inanna/Ishtar and her high priestess. In her darker side she has been identified with Ardat Lili a summerian succubus as well as with Lamashtu  a female demon that preyed upon children and  and pregnant women. When in 508bce the Babylonians  under Nebuchadnessar  attacked Jerusalem. And took some  of the Israelites back to Babylon. The jewish captives incorporated some of the gods and goddesses into their Religion. and labelled them as demons.  One of these was Lilith.She appears in the book of Isaiah chapter 34:14-15 and the Alphabet of Sirach. the latter as the first wife of Adam. who left him after an arguement over equality. and was demonized. This demonizing of Lilith continued through the middle ages in mystical commentaries of the Torah such as the Zohar. Which borrows from the Alphabet of Sirach. and looks upon Lilith as a queen of demons. and mother of the succubi whom are known as the Liliot or Lilim. However not all of the books of the Zohar saw Lilith as unredeemiable, or unreconciliable. In the Zohar the book of Concealment chapters 4 and 5 tells of the symbolism of the two prositutes whom came before king Solomon. who were amazed by his wisdom. and was attached to it. it also speaks of the daughters of men who seduced the sons of God would be reconcilied to Adam through  the Wisdom of solomon. the daughters in some commentaries  are actually  the daughters of Lilith. (see the Zohar volume 5 the pritzker edition pages 569-580 notes 67-68;79 translated by daniel c matt). One kabbalist of the 16th century who’s name was rabbi Issac Luria went further to say that Lilith was actually reconciled to Adam through the marrige of Leah to Jacob. (see window of the soul: the kabbalah of issac luria pages 85, 158) and there are many Liliths (148). the other Liliths one is the wife of adam qadmon also refered to as the first eve. another Lilith is refered to as isheth zenninim. a darker Lilith whom is the wife of Samael.  In the late 19th to early 20th century a christian fantasy writer by the name of george mac donald  wrote his book Lilith. that tells of Lilith’s reconciliation to Adam and Eve.
what all this means is that Lilith is slowly emerging from being ostracized and demonized; to be restored as one of the aspects of the divine feminine.
richard t.