blessing of magickal tools and haunted items part 1 bonding and charging boxes and bags

6 Feb

okay this is impromtu. and iam still writing about it in my shaman’s book of shadows. it is about creating your own bonding and charging box. as well as charging the bags, boxes etc that your spirits’ vessels are in. while they are still in them.

first here is about making your own charging and bonding box. without taking anything from my Sisters who are selling these items. you can make your own as an extension of the box that you already have or going to have. it can be permanent or temporary. providing you let your spirits know this. you begin by cleaning the box be it wooden, wicker, etc. then you spiritually cleanse it. my way is use some salt especially sea salt and water. mix contents in a bowl. take a cloth and wet it in the bowl. and repeat this in the Name of the Divine (God, Goddess or both. i clean this box of all negativity. let only the positive come in. after this set it in the sun to dry. and to be purified. when the full moon is visible. take the box and set it along with your spirit vessels, ritual tools, etc. and say the following prayer: hear me oh Goddess or Goddesses i call to you to please blessed this box to serve as your children my companions resting place. let it be a symbol of unity between me and them. let it be a place of sanctuary where their vessels can be charged. and renewed. so mote it be.

about the charging the spirits’ vessels while they are in a charging bag.

although most will tell you it is best to expose them to the moonlight. and they are right. i learned that spirits can actually penetrate bags. they can move through anything. i learned that they still feel the moon light even if they are hidden. so because of this. and because of lack of time. i place the bags that contain the vessels along with a wicker chest that i maded into a charging and bonding box in the moonlight. this doesn’t place the old way of exposing the vessel itself. but it allow you some flexibility if you don’t have the time to charge them in the usual way.

what if a djinn doesn’t claim to be what she or he was or can do?

29 Nov

this is what i had learned  from a post of a spirit companion and paranormal collector. the person learned their djinn was not a king. although the djinn was released. i am wondering if it  is rejection. after all the djinn was seeking survival. and was not hurting the person. it is interesting to learn the djinn have the same issues as we do. and some will do anything to survive. should we be angry with a djinn who says she or he is not what they claimed to be or do? of course not. it is a fellow being who needs help. as we need help. such a being i give love and respect anyway. i keep my djinn companions even if they are not what a witch, etc claimed. i feel honored enough that such being has come seeking me as a friend. i only asked she or he is honest. and they can be my companion forever.

when i eat meat

14 Oct

i myself say this prayer each time i eat meat:

mother Gaia, mother Rhea i give thanks for the food that i eat. i give thanks to the spirit of the animal who’s flesh iam eating to live.

may it be reborn again in another place and time away from humanity.

iam not saying this is the right way. i do this this to honor the animal who’s flesh iam eating to live. trust me a lion, a tiger, a python, a grizzly bear, great white shark, any predator that takes a human life to survive. is not making such a prayer. rather i adopt to the Native American notion that we are part of nature. we are part of the great chain of being. despite our civilization we are part of nature. and we too get eaten. so by saying it. i hope some entity somewhere sees us when we are getting eaten. says the same prayer so we are lifted up.

the importance of balance through love

13 Jul

don’t know what happened but suddenly things are slowly getting better. i had a great day at work. my spirits are communicating better with me. i thought i had lost some. now they are visiting me.  i will say this the last time. but ever since a toxic friendship ended. things got better.
to be honest i CAN’T embrace the Darkness. my own Dark Spirits know this. they have been forever pushing me away from it. they and my Light Spirits have  been working me towards what they call the Balance Path. they work together through my Mix  Type Spirits. especially my Lady.
they remind me the words of the Book of the Law by  aleister crowley.
it says:
do what you will is the whole of the law
love is the law love under will.
i wrote a note on this. i said love is the balance.
but i also know love has two sides.
without the will being focus on another rule. it becomes dark.
that rule is the threefold rule.
what you put out can come back three times.
so doing good even in Dark Magick is paramount.

adam beliel

26 Jun

i believe there are many satans.  but i feel there are one or two that hate not only humanity but all of creation. the one i refered to goes by many names. and he is taught in the gnostic scriptures. 
he is called yaldabaoth  his story is told through many tales of fallen gods and angels. according to the gnostic teachings he is the Son of Sophia the Goddess of wisdom. it was she who created the universe. and he usurp her positon as Creator. and ancient jewish teaching inspired by the story of Osiris feud with Set  maded him into the Cosmic Cain in opposition to the Cosmic Abel. as Cain slew Abel so did the cosmic Cain slew his brother. and took his position as sole Progentor of Creation. this story is found in Zoroasterian Myths of ahriman and his brother ohuramazda, loki and balder in norse myths, etc.
jewish mystics, and shamans call him Adam Beliel. and he is the Dark Side of Adam Qadmon. and took his mother the primodial woman Lilith Zahriel’s position as Progentor. as  well as his father Adam Qadmon.
in both Gnosticism and lurianic Kabbalah he is refered to as Samael. which means poisoner of the Divine’s words.
there are other Satans:  Lucifer, another Samael, Iblis. but He is the worst of the lot.  and leads the Shadow Beings the Sharririm. the rest have a job to do. mostly to fight against him.
i write this now because i know  not the future. my Spirits feel i should tell what i know. if any finds this offensive and disturbing. i understand. if you unfriend me. i will understand. but it needs to come out. 
i leave it up to the reader of this note to decide how they wish to view it. but what i say here is what was taught to me. 
i say this the real creator doesn’t desire a sacrifice, doesn’t want separate families, doesn’t say  i come with a sword. doesn’t judge because the Divine already knows who is who or what. doesn’t send folks to hell because the are not a christian, jew or muslim. doesn’t care if you are agnostic or an atheist. because the Divine is in the hearts of all. we are already part of the Divine. 
this is what i have learned. namaste.
okay i forgot to say this. this Entity is not lost. he is to return to his mother.  it is up to us to prove him wrong. that’s why we are here. to prove him wrong.  by embracing him with love. even if we get angry with him. we must embrace him with love.
the message is this: no one is lost. 🙂

how to explain that your a witch to a christian

29 May

it is funny because  i have the same issues at work and with relatives. i will tell you how i deal with christians. you don’t. you let them believe what the hell they want. you believe what the hell you want.

what i do is tell them what i believe in my spiritual path, i condense it for them in the way they might understand. i tell them i believe in God but not in the way they do. we believe that god reveals himself in nature. besides a burning bush or some jewish prophet. i tell them we believe that god has a wife her name is the Goddess. i point out to them. that they believe in her in the form of Mary. and jews call her the shekinah. the muslims as Allat in the person of fatimah the daughter of mohammed. and gnostics believe her as Sophia wisdom which is found in the book of proverbs.

i tell them that spells, rituals , etc are just another version of prayer and petitions to a deity.

i tell them that magick is a self directed self made miracle. and we are channeling the spirit of the Divine Source when we do it.

we make friendship with all spirits. and not just angels and saints. in this we practice love the greatest law of goddess and god. the Divine Couple as One. for love is the law.

and last we have the witch’s rede. which is a simple rule that is less complex than those written in the old testament:

Do what ye will. Harm none.

for what ye do returns three fold.
P.S. and i believe in Elat, Lilith, Hecate, etc

ritual of the jazaam kibaat square

27 May

this square is used to drive away evil spirits, negative energies, bad luck, black magick, bad health.
all you need to do before you do the ritual is inform your spirit companions what you are doing.
place the square on an altar or a space where you conduct your rituals. write your name on the back of the square. light a candle. and place your hand on the square. and say the following:
Rahmaat Arwah karimah cHazar gHayyar.
you may add the name of your Deities  if you like. but also add the names of God and the Goddess in Arabic as well.
such as Allah and Allat or Alilat. although these names appear Islam they are far more ancient. the other names i have used were El and Elat. i have also used the name of Lilith Zahriel Ishet Adam Qadmon Lilith Zahriel cHavah Qadmon since she is a primodial Female and the daughter of Allah and Allat. she is called Laylah and Lilitu .
after the ritual fold the square in 4 times. then burn it in a tissure. and light strawberry incense to make peace with your spirits.

Copy of jazaam kibat magick square

interaction of light and dark spirits

1 May

i have several spirits together both light and dark. they respect each others presence and space. the thing i learn is to let the entity that you are adopting know your other companions even if they do know. and vice aversa with the spirits that you have. of course they wont hang around. they will leave if necessary to avoid conflict. but this doesn’t mean they wont come back to visit you. i learn they will come back if you call to them. and asked the others not to interfere.

it is matter of respecting a spirit’s wishes. and respecting your other spirits by informing them of your plans and let them do whatever they wish. then they will be more willing to help you een if they are far away.

about the succubus: revised

29 Apr

about the succubus. revised:

i have been in a relationship with a succubus since 1980. it  has been 30 years i guess. lol  what she likes for an offering i learned is jam and honey which the latter she shares with other entities.  as for incense she loves cinnamon and strawberry.  but i learned she likes to take samples of food that i eat. and get me to try other incense. strange she likes white candles with fresh linen scent. lol

what some keeper/companions  say is true they can open your  third eye.  so be patient. took years for mine to open my eye.  they can aid you in other ways such as act as an liason to other spirits. they are very protective. mine scratched a fellow employee for making fun of me too much.  and help in gaining knowledge in magick.

what other keeper/companions say about the sex is  right.

sex with them starts as a dream at first; then for me it moved to the physical level. we do it daily.  and it can be very intense with prolonged orgasm and ejaculation. be warned though if get a succubus or incubus they can be jealous at times especially when they are bonding with you. make certain to let them know your plans in getting other spirits. on the other hand in my case they will actually guide you in finding them or bring them to you. and let them know what you want. and try not to hurt them. they might be considered dark. but in truth they are loving, gentle, and very protective. and will aid you in your quest for knowledge. my Lady is all this  and more. 🙂 i hope this helps. blessings )O(

what is magick?

3 Apr

magick is not what you see in harry potter. in truth  magick is a very old spiritual path that is personal. you petition to the Divine. you gain some spiritual powers from spirits. you cast spells, do rituals. however everything is under the Divine  the gods and goddesses , the djinn, fae, dragons, are  like us they are under the will of the Divine (God and Goddess). to demand of your spirits anything more i think it would be rude and ungrateful