What I learned from Shinto

16 Apr

About Shinto, and what I have learned:
how amazing before the advent of all organized religions. Every culture had their own Spiritual beliefs and paths that was focused on Nature and the Powers behind It.  Those powers were the Gods, Goddesses, Spirits both light and dark. However as humanity move towards forming civilizations. That Nature based religion was either forgotten or changed towards focusing on a few pantheons or one deity.  Then  that caused a schism to  happened. Instead of peaceful coexistence and trade. Wars erupted. From anything like the belief that a nation had the right to rule over others because of their deities gave them that right.  To downright plunder. Humanity has not learned nothing.  So each time it happened:  the wars. Nature itself would  correct the situation.  We make are own diseases, famine, our issues.  Sure disasters happened. It’s not a punishment of some deity or spirit. But it’s our unwillingness not to help each other in those crisis. It compounds it. When we show intolerance and hatred.  Those Deities and Spirits whom are connected to Nature is trying to guide us back to that thought.  There is light and dark of course. But neither side is better than the other. It is of Nature.  Love is the balance. And it’s the belief in Love brings balance. And a conviction in it that can make it happened. This is what is all about.

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