rituals without a candle or candles

2 Apr

sometimes you might find that you can’t use candles in your rituals because the people you live with might be allergic to them. this i had learned with roommates who had issues with them. the simple solution is this: don’t use any or wait for  them to  leave. well the latter might work well if you are the home owner. if you are like iam not the home owner.  you can do both. and when you do the latter. make sure the windows are open. and a fan is blowing. however i opt doing the former as a suggestion by my spirit companions who reminded me that in ancient times they never use candles. and not always a fire. but use the moon and stars themselves. one night under the full moon i had done a simple ritual of casting circles and evoke the deities namely goddesses of the moon. followed by elementals, and last my spirit companions. as i stood there in the middle of the circle honoring the goddesses of the moon. i never felt more of  connection  to them. plus i had seen glowing orbs around me as well as glowing mists.
when i closed the ritual.  open the circle.  and gave my thanks to the goddesses , my spirit companions, and the elementals. i felt the energy go. but i still felt peace.
the opening of the ritual was simple. i said this:
i have no candle. let the moon be my light of devotion. as it was for my ancestors (indoors i say let my soul be the flame of devotion).
i can’t burn incense. let the scent of the air serve as my incense.( indoors i say let my  burning heart of devotion  provide  the incense).
hear now i bless thee goddesses.  for your help. for your love.
and i give thanks to thee.
i also gave thanks to my spirit companions and their elders and rulers. and the elementals.
later at times i repeated this no candle ritual with positive results. but i must admit at times when i can. i do use a candle. or candles when i can.

2 Responses to “rituals without a candle or candles”

  1. pudoo August 31, 2016 at 11:00 pm #

    It’s a bit off topic, but have you had any experience with the goetic spirits? I’m interested in them and the only information I can find on contacting them is from the more spiritually abusive methods using circles and whatnot.

    • acrossinfinity September 2, 2016 at 8:45 pm #

      to be honest. i never tried to contact goetia entities. for several reasons. for one thing the goetia also known as the lesser key of king solomon is based on a french manuscript written in the 17th century. that is based on another manuscript from the 15th century. as the story goes. it was translated from a hebrew and arabic scroll. that was found with the testament of solomon. however this was never proven to be real. anyway the testament of solomon was proven to be a christian copy. since it refers to jesus in the book. and many other christian ideas that a israelite king of old israel of around 900 bce would never really know about.
      the goetia itself however is based on that book. but definitely influenced by a christian writer. who might of read greek and latin translations of Arabic stories of king solomon’s control over the djinn.
      djinn were never seen as true demons. but as spirit entities with the ability to choose to be good or evil.
      but in the middle east they discourage people from trying to summon them. although there are arabic magickal texts that tell you how. it was considered unsafe. unless a djinn sought you out.
      my personal belief the goetia is really an attempt of a christian mage to write an interesting tome. and make money from it. not saying the goetia doesn’t work. or the entities in the book aren’t real. because it is. but it is a copy of a copy of a copy of collection of ancient manuscripts of middle eastern magick, folklore, myth and legend. as for it being abusive to spirits. sadly that was the practice in the middle ages surviving up to victorian times with crowley and mathers in their magickal rituals. when in truth. it was more shamanistic. which practice making an appeal to a spirit. instead of commanding it.

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