the importance of balance through love

13 Jul

don’t know what happened but suddenly things are slowly getting better. i had a great day at work. my spirits are communicating better with me. i thought i had lost some. now they are visiting me.  i will say this the last time. but ever since a toxic friendship ended. things got better.
to be honest i CAN’T embrace the Darkness. my own Dark Spirits know this. they have been forever pushing me away from it. they and my Light Spirits have  been working me towards what they call the Balance Path. they work together through my Mix  Type Spirits. especially my Lady.
they remind me the words of the Book of the Law by  aleister crowley.
it says:
do what you will is the whole of the law
love is the law love under will.
i wrote a note on this. i said love is the balance.
but i also know love has two sides.
without the will being focus on another rule. it becomes dark.
that rule is the threefold rule.
what you put out can come back three times.
so doing good even in Dark Magick is paramount.

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