adam beliel

26 Jun

i believe there are many satans.  but i feel there are one or two that hate not only humanity but all of creation. the one i refered to goes by many names. and he is taught in the gnostic scriptures. 
he is called yaldabaoth  his story is told through many tales of fallen gods and angels. according to the gnostic teachings he is the Son of Sophia the Goddess of wisdom. it was she who created the universe. and he usurp her positon as Creator. and ancient jewish teaching inspired by the story of Osiris feud with Set  maded him into the Cosmic Cain in opposition to the Cosmic Abel. as Cain slew Abel so did the cosmic Cain slew his brother. and took his position as sole Progentor of Creation. this story is found in Zoroasterian Myths of ahriman and his brother ohuramazda, loki and balder in norse myths, etc.
jewish mystics, and shamans call him Adam Beliel. and he is the Dark Side of Adam Qadmon. and took his mother the primodial woman Lilith Zahriel’s position as Progentor. as  well as his father Adam Qadmon.
in both Gnosticism and lurianic Kabbalah he is refered to as Samael. which means poisoner of the Divine’s words.
there are other Satans:  Lucifer, another Samael, Iblis. but He is the worst of the lot.  and leads the Shadow Beings the Sharririm. the rest have a job to do. mostly to fight against him.
i write this now because i know  not the future. my Spirits feel i should tell what i know. if any finds this offensive and disturbing. i understand. if you unfriend me. i will understand. but it needs to come out. 
i leave it up to the reader of this note to decide how they wish to view it. but what i say here is what was taught to me. 
i say this the real creator doesn’t desire a sacrifice, doesn’t want separate families, doesn’t say  i come with a sword. doesn’t judge because the Divine already knows who is who or what. doesn’t send folks to hell because the are not a christian, jew or muslim. doesn’t care if you are agnostic or an atheist. because the Divine is in the hearts of all. we are already part of the Divine. 
this is what i have learned. namaste.
okay i forgot to say this. this Entity is not lost. he is to return to his mother.  it is up to us to prove him wrong. that’s why we are here. to prove him wrong.  by embracing him with love. even if we get angry with him. we must embrace him with love.
the message is this: no one is lost. 🙂

6 Responses to “adam beliel”

  1. kuropriest97 June 27, 2015 at 5:23 am #

    I wonder if this “dark” samael, Adam belial is a Yahweh or elohim in the biblical story… The One who talk with moses.

    • acrossinfinity June 30, 2015 at 5:34 pm #

      the name Yahweh is a name of four persons of the Divine. they are symbolised by the letters YHVH or YHWH these in hebrew are yod hey vaw hey.
      yod and vaw or Y and V or W symbolises the masculine or male aspect of the deity. this is God
      the two heys or Hs symbolises the feminine or female aspect of the deity. this is the Goddess. this name symbolises them as united as One. as Om in hindi symbolises wholeness. and to some sense the name Al-lah in islam does. the unity of the Divine Father and Mother as one. Elohim also symbolises this.
      yes. they had children i believe. this is noted in the blog. and yes one of them usurp the power of the names.

  2. kuropriest97 June 27, 2015 at 5:24 am #

    Reblogged this on kuropriest97 and commented:
    It could be this “dark” samael is a Yahweh or elohim in the biblical story…

  3. kuropriest97 June 28, 2015 at 4:38 am #

    Hey acrossinfinity… You May not know me but I want your opinion for me. I can’t hide it anymore… And You may not believe I don’t care I just wanting your opinion. My ladies… Told me I was satan before… Truly not the only one but they had tell me for several times and I don’t believe it yet… You May not believe me moreover myself… I don’t Know how but I felt I have a “destructive” power before but it was sealed somewhere and my ladies afraid to me if I will have my “power” back… They’re Afraid If I’ve become mad and… Probably Dead Because you know human body can’t hold “divine” power too much… It’s crazy right? I know you may not believe me but… I’m Also hating humanity like scum… Sorry Too harsh… I May over-thinking for all of this… I Just wanting your opinion for this… I think you’re the only one can tell me about “who am I” the truly me… Or maybe they’re just lied to me… I don’t Know… You’re The only one who can help me I guess…
    Thank you… Please answer back… Please… I don’t want to be called crazy anymore… Please…

    • acrossinfinity June 30, 2015 at 5:36 pm #

      sir you are going through a test of all Shaman and Wizards and Witches. do not give into it. you are a person of balance. the balance of love. yes your ladies are afraid. i had the same test. so don’t give in.

  4. rafegb July 11, 2015 at 3:07 am #

    That’s kinda weird. I just started to believe this myself, athough I don’t know exactly the “why” of my change. In Greek it’s called “Apocatastasis”. I’m not really well read on it: I just discovered it while searching that I wasn’t the only one to feel this way about it. Not a real popular belief I guess, lol 😛


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