about soul mates and spirit spouses

21 Feb

i decided to write about this because of correspondence with a witch that i was having correspondence about soul mates  and animal guides.  i had put the question about what if a soulmate was actually a non human spirit. she thought that i was refering to animal spirits. i told her that i wasn’t  refering to a soul mate as an animal. Animal Spirits  are guides for shamans. some do become  lifelong companions. not soulmates. more like soulfriends. when i asked the question can a nonhuman spirit be a soulmate? i was refering to Fae, Djinn, and my Succubus/qarinah djinneyeh.
from what i learned from  my Qarinah djinneyeh.  some humans do have them as soulmates.  this of course is frown upon by most  followers of New Age, organized religions, and purists among the witch community.
however among some witches and definitely among Shamans. Spirit Wives and Husbands are taken. these Spirit Spouses have been indentified with Fae, Djinn, and the Children of Lilith. whom some believe that the Fae and Djinn are a part of.
Shamans take a Spirit Spouse when they become a teenager. roughly the Spouse introduces himself or herself to the Shaman.  and they wed. and yes Sex is involved. they can have sex. the same kind as between people.
this bonding however is on all levels. physical and spiritual. whereas human couples are stuck on the physical level. and have to work on it to make it transcend the body. otherwise there will be no fulfillment between the two.   in time if they don’t cultivate it.  couples start wandering. looking for it.  on the other hand it can be said the same for having a spirit spouse. if one does not touch one’s spirit spouse on a mental level say fantasizing them at the same time  touching them.  the Spirit Spouse can lose connection to their Mortal counterpart. however even if this happens it is rare that the Entity will leave their spouse. and will use dreams to re-established connection.
then there are some like mine who actually bond to their spouse physically.  and i will not go into details where on the body.

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