the Dybbuk Box

4 Feb

I decided to write about this since the new movie entitled: the possession  is out  on dvd. as well as  on  an episode of paranormal witness  of the sy fy channel is portraying  is dealing  on this subject.
What is a Dybbuk?
A dybbuk is a spirit that attaches itself to a person, place, and thing.
Mostly it is a human spirit that refuses to move on until it has completes a task.
However it also applys to human spirits as well as non human spirits that are  malevolent in its intentions with the living.
According to the kabbalah these spirits are usually male. And attach themselves to women. And they are usually dispelled by reading passages from the torah or  tanakh. As well as reciting prayers such as a Kaddish.
The spirit is either driven through an open window. Or forced into an object.
Which is then inscribed with certain phrases, prayers, that are in hebrew.
Such as wine cabinet (as seen in the movie and in the the t.v. program).
Jewish mystics : kabbalists feel most hauntings and possessions are caused by Dybbuk.
However the spirit of the Dybbuk box had giving dreams of a crone. which says not all Dybbuk are male. and some are female. and even still  they are not all human.
in the muslim nations they are considered  to be a type of djinn  called Zaar.
as i write this. they had already aired about this dybbuk box on the history channel. and it is believed it started the holocaust.
as for my own personal thoughts. my spirit family warned me not venture unto this subject. when i asked. i was told you really don’t want to know.

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