bonding with sexual spirits

19 Jan

It is basically the same as with any entity. But i think it is a lot easier.
Usually when an entity such as a incubus or succubus comes to you. They send you dreams that are sexual in nature. Then from that point on. The dreams become more and more intense to the point. Then you asked your lover to make themselves known physically. This can be an invisible manifestation. Followed by them touching you provocatively. Followed by sex.
If you got your Entity through a vessel such as a ring or pendant.
You will have to hold the vessel. and talk to  them. And envisioned sex with them.
If this doesn’t work.  wear the vessel to bed. And again imagine having sex with them.
Later burn their favorite incense.}
And tell them that you are happy that they are with you.
Bonding with them is also easy. Chances are when you dreamnt of them. They already bonded to you. However if you want the Bond to be permanent.
Just tell them you want to make a commitment. As either as a boyfriend or girlfriend, lover, or spouse.

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