candle magick

18 Jan

Candles are use for votives to the  Divine  and as in magick spells.
As for use in spells. It depends on what color candle you use.
blue candles are for bringing peace and tranquility
green candles  for success
red candles for healing energies
brown candles are for stability  and growth
white and black candles are neutral. they are for everything.
from spirit bonding and protection and for votives for the Divine.
However all candles for petitioning the Divine.
To use a candle for a simple spell. just light the candle. and state your intention.
And blow out the candle.
Some will say carve what you desire on the side of the candle. Be it a symbol or a word. others will tell you to light it at a certain time and on a certain day.
This is all true. But i believe when you focus your intent. on the candle. it is all you need.
For example: one day i needed extra money. So just for fun. i took a candle. and did exactly the above. A few days later i won $50. It wasn’t a million mind you.
But it was what i needed.
That’s how it works. You may not see the results in a few days. It may take weeks or a month. But it will happen.

2 Responses to “candle magick”

  1. succubusluv April 2, 2014 at 10:32 am #

    Ummm….I did a little something but it wasn’t for any type of monetary gain.Would it still work if the intention was honest?

  2. succubusluv April 2, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    I used red and white by the way.

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