17 Jan

If you don’t have a family member in a cemetery. then don’t go into one.
However if you are a witch or a shaman. And not some  paranormal investigator.
And you trying to gather dirt for a protection spell or do a evocation of a underworld deity. This is what i advised:
First when you come to the entrance whatever it be a gate, walkway, drive way.
You state your intentions to the Guardian of the Cemetery. For Example:
hear me oh guardian of the cemetery i mean no disrespect. i come to gather dirt, etc for such and such purpose. please except this token: you through a coin on the ground by the entrance.
after you conduct your purpose. you walk out the entrance. but backwards. and thank the guardian of the cemetery. and if necessary leave another  coin at the gate.
when you get home. immediately perform a purifcation ritual. and banishing ritual. Then take off your clothes and wash them. then take a bath of shower.
then do a petition to your patron deity  and the spirits; thanking them for their help.

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