middle eastern magick part 3: the list of spirits (arwah ) of the sihiriin

15 Jul

the list of spirits and entities  called arwah  among the sihiriin varies depending which sihir you approach.
besides this the list. there is also planes of existence or realms as believed by the sihiriin. so i will list those first.
list of  spirit realms as known by the sihiriin is about five in all. they are the following:
the  first is the Marsha: it is a realm very close to the earth’s dimension it is a realm where the spirit of the dead are not aware that they are dead, because of  their earthly life they aren’t willing to move on, they had died a violent death, they seek justice, vengeance, etc
the sihiriin can contact these spirits. but only when they try to interact with the living. so the sihiriin will try to help the spirit to move on.
the second is called khirbat infar.  it is a realm where the spirits of the dead are unable to move on because of some evil deed in their life on earth.
this realm is also called the marachmawta. although this name refers to a darker place within the kirbat infar.
in other religions these realms would be  refered  to as purgatory, hades, sheol,  summerland,  ghennah,   tartarus the realm of  hela, etc.
the third realm’s name means both the realm and the spirit entities:
they and their realm are called the moustajabiin
the moustajabiin are the entities we know as  the djinn, shedu,  shiddim.  however these names mean the same entities in different cultures such as the jewish and islamic peoples.  they are also  but not limit to would be the fae, nature spirits, etc these beings come through gateways in the earth and above and on it. these same gateways also lead to the realms of the dead as well.  those who dwell here are the marid, ifrit, jounan, dhahab or gold djinn.
dragons also exist here they are called tannim in hebrew. but also called surrish
this realm is also  connected to gaffarim a dark realm where dark entities exist. among them are djinns  such as shaitan, ghul, ardat lili, alu, ezrailim, ubaid, galas.
depending the sihiriin’s background these beings could be bad or good as they choose.
from these realms rule the kings  and queens of the djinn also called the al muhbiin. the kind ones or great ones. these are al muhib, murrah, mirhiz, barqan,  sidi shamhurish,abiad,  maymoun.  as well as queen aynah whom is one of the queens of al qarin, al qarinah   whom is  also called lilitu: their queen mother.
iblis leads the red djinn or shaytan. although these djinn are divided between iblis and his grandson whom is said to converted to islam and opposes his grandfather. and leads shaytan who are good. and are sometimes called the shayian.
also in this realm is the behamahs whom are the grays in UFO circles.
(this might draw some lively discussion. but modern sihirin actually think the grays are a class of djinn refered to as behamahs a subgroup of the ghul.).
there are other realms that are simply called the light and deep darkness.
the deep darkness is the place of entities called the shirririin
the shirririn are true demons. chaos demons who hate everything good as well as love.
they are divided among the following:
a-kaabihiin the bad deed ones
atiliin the devious ones
fasidiin the corrupted ones.
sharririin whom are worst of the lot. and lead the other three. their name means the evil ones.
the place of light is home to:
the khiribu. or cherubim the guardians
the khodam the servitors
the houriyaat the ladies of light.
sarapha burning ones.
the malaki-a the angels
the anunnaki and igigi: the gods.
naphas that have been purified. these include humans and djinn, etc.
there is more of course. but i only give a brief description here.
in the near future. i will add more info.
namaste!  or shalamu allikumu!

4 Responses to “middle eastern magick part 3: the list of spirits (arwah ) of the sihiriin”

  1. succunation1 November 16, 2013 at 11:21 am #

    I’m curious as to where you would index a succubus. I would assume as part of the moustajabiin?

    Personally, I believe that my wives are djinn and have started to come to believe that succubi as a very specific type of being don’t necessarily exist. Rather, I feel that a succubus is more less simply a being who acts like a succubus.

    I’m not sure if that makes sense or not. I suppose I feel that beings of a more spiritual than physical nature tend to all be the same “race” whereas their actions and general dispositions would classify them individually as “shadow people” or “succubi” or “djinn”.

    If I’m way off, I completely understand. Just curious about how you feel on the matter.

    • acrossinfinity November 17, 2013 at 12:34 am #

      in the middle east a succubus is refered to as a qarinah djinneyeh. in ancient sumer they were called ardat lili. and yes they are part of the moustajabin which includes all spirit entities.
      i suggested you read the book legend of the fire spirits by robert lebling. it gives a great deal on the subject of djinn, shedim, lilim (succubi) and Lilith herself. whom is believed to be their mother.

      • succunation1 December 1, 2013 at 11:24 pm #

        I took at look at some of the excerpts from the book you suggested. It’s definitely very interesting.

        I find it a little awkward, however, as my wives tend to dissuade me from learning about them through second-hand sources. They seem to prefer that I learn about them directly from them.

        That being said, it’s difficult to do so as I haven’t be able to find a reliable method of communication yet. They can hear me and will answer yes or no questions (most of the time) but I haven’t been able to figure out how to listen to them.

  2. acrossinfinity December 2, 2013 at 1:32 am #

    i have the same issues with my spirits. although surprisingly most of them are for it. and even support me as i began to read other magickal texts translated from arabic sources that are published by ishtarpublishing.com. and are on amazon.com. and aided me in my rituals.
    the rest although don’t agree in my studies. they do support me. and my spiritual development from it.
    as for communication: it takes time. i never fully reached a level of communication as i do now with alot of effort on my part. and it took years to even reach the level that iam at. and i have learned that i have much yet to learn.
    but in the end i had learned it takes time, patience, and periods of time between a half an hour to two hours of meditation as well as actually talking to them. telling them about everything. as if they were standing there as a person…
    and it works.

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