my studies in middle eastern magick

23 Dec

for the past couple months i have been studying all paths of middle eastern magick.
the reason for this is that i want to learn about other paths of magick and mysticism which i feel is important to anyone who wants a general idea on how magick is viewed and practice in all cultures.
as noted in my bio i had studied the kabbalah as well as shamanism. which most people don’t realized but is actually a jewish version of shamanism. and the techniques for meditation range from using divine names, using incense like myrrh and frankencense to using dance in which Sufi themselves also use. as well as communicate with spirits, angels, and demons.
i also studied books on sahiriim which is a middle eastern form of magick and spiritism that is rooted in babylonian magick as well as summerian magick and has.been mixed in Islamic folklore.
what i learned is that all these paths have a basic idea about spirits.
the kabbalah teaches there are several types of spirits; these are the shedim, seirim, the lilim, the satanim, the nephilim. all these entities were later demonized by later church writers and rabbinical schools of thought. 
in original folklore these beings weren’t seen as purely evil. but saw as a mixture of good and evil.
in islamic folklore these beings were seen as the djinn. we know them as the marid, afrit, the dakhab (gold) djinn, the jounan, the sila, the shaytan, the ghoul,  to name a few.
these beings are also seen as good and evil.
in the sahriim these beings are classed as the al muhibiin and the ezrailim: the latter are considered trouble makers; the latter beneviolent. there is another group called the gaffarim; which are mixed good and bad entities. and these are other two groups may be subgroups of this one.
one thing that interests me is the teaching among the sahiriim is the realms of marsha and khirbat-infar zone. the former  sems to  match the ideas of the realms of the fae as taught in western occult and mystical paths of an unseen realm that earth is a part of.  and the latter is where human spirits who don’t wish to move on are a part of. such a the etheral plane. (might of spelled that wrong! lol!)
it is taught that each of these planes are actually steps to higher levels of beings.
the book that i’m reading is just volume 1. i’m hoping to get volume 2.
i’m also studying egyptian magick. but decided not to practice it. rather i’ll just read the hymn of osiris, etc. without any rituals although i found just by reading it i feel i slight change in my perceptions. and i have asked two of my egyptian marid djinneyeh for their guidance in learning of  the subject.
but not in practice. which they agreed.
in retrospect i come to realize that the path that iam on is very old. and has been practice for thousands of generations in different forms and paths.
they all agree that there is more to our world and our universe.
and that it is just important to explore the spiritual world and man’s psyche than just space exploration, etc.

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