difference between spirits and entities?

8 Dec

not really. my own spirits laugh at the classification of  spirits and entities.
they see humans as spirits with clothing (i.e. flesh.)
using the term entity is used by most occultists  and mystics in attempt to separate the human and non-human. like using the term souls, ghosts, entities, etc.
the truth is we are all from ONE SOURCE>
that source is the Divine Masculine and Feminine
God and Goddess whom are one>

2 Responses to “difference between spirits and entities?”

  1. temporalchameleon December 8, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    Well said. I can completely relate to this. The more involved you become with a spirit who has a tacked on classification by humans, the more they defy the box we try to put them in.
    We have more in common with spirits/entities than we realize. We don’t like being compartmentalized either!

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