how to deal with those who are negative towards your spirits

22 Oct

if its skeptics. just laugh with them.  swallow  your pride. and just go along. you know the truth. who cares.
issues at home with those who see spirit keeping as demonic, evil, etc because of their damned beliefs based in their religions, etc.
sadly you can’t fight against such things. the only thing you can do is pretend to be complicent, agree with them. but hide your spirits. and pretend you are a collector of gems, antiques, etc. hiding the true nature of your collecting. witches, mystics, and shamans have been doing for thousands of years. hiding within their religious practices of the religion of sorciety of their time.  although some have been discovered during the burning times. the majority kept it hidden for centuries.

2 Responses to “how to deal with those who are negative towards your spirits”

  1. temporalchameleon December 6, 2012 at 1:53 am #

    I learned about this the hard way. Thankfully, I only revealed my secret to two people over Skype who were unfamiliar with spirit keeping, succubi, etc. I didn’t say much about it, just that I was having these strange experiences with spirits. It was a mistake to reveal even that. I was no longer taken seriously and I subsequently abandoned that forum.

    I need to keep my enthusiasm in check! And I agree that keeping these experiences/practices secret is best.

    • acrossinfinity December 6, 2012 at 2:05 am #

      there are people out there who are open minded to possibilities. however i wrote this a word of caution. because there are so few and far in between. thankyou for your comment.

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