who are the succubi? revisioned.

23 Aug

What are Succubi?
Succubi  in most main stream religions  are depicted as  demonic creatures who  are  malicious. and wishes to enslave a man. or even take his soul. this is however based on fear of the unknown and the belief by major patriarchal monthestic religions that all spirits not part of their spirit  hierarchies and pantheons were demonic and evil.
In truth  the succubi  is part of the fae or djinn world. they are a spirit being or entity of middle eastern origin . sometimes good, sometimes evil they seek the companionship of humanity. mostly men however they do have affairs with women. their  male counterparts  the incubi  with women. but have been with gay men.
According to jewish folkalore and the kabbalah  succubi are the daughters of Lilith the ancient semetic goddess. Whom was later named Lilitu in summerian mythology. And later demonized  by fearful jewish rabbis during the jewish captivity by Babylon in 508 bce. and  in the middle ages. they were called the Lilim  and the Liliot.

Originally Lilith was a goddess of the night whom was worshipped in fertility rites in the middle east. Her daughters whom were called ardat Lili (her sons ardu Lili) were her hands.  Later the goddess Inanna became the goddess of fertility rites. And Lilith as Lilitu became her hand.
When Islam came. Lilith became Laylah. and her daughters became known as the Qarinaheh. the most celebrated of the Qarinah was Aisha Qandisha or  Aicha Qandicha  a succubus djinneyeh  whom dwells in north africa. and is venerated by the Berber tribes.
There is another legend about Lilith being the first wife of Adam. and a elder sister of Eve. but i myself see this as a Daughter of Lilith who became her namesake. and became a mother of her own faction through Adam.
Succubi as i have learned through my succubus are the courtaseans in the fae and djinn world. and answer to four queens who answer to Lilith herself. However despite this there are male entities that serve in these Hierarchies , which  are predominately female.
There are subgroups in these hiearchies; that are divided into three castes: warrior,  siren,  priestesses,  Lilioth.
defenders of their realm. they at times act as emissaries to other realms as well as escorts for the siren,  priestess classes, and of the Lilioth.
borrowed from the name of sea dwelling seductresses is used here to describe the ruling class addressed as ladies.
are succubi who serve as devotees of their mother’s ways. and practice levels of magick above most succubi in their realms.  However it is a form of Tantra magick.
Lilioth are a  special order of succubi that act as avatars of Lilith.  although all succubi do serve as avatars of Lilith.  the Lilioth actually carry Lilith’s name as a sir name. and  have attributes of all three castes. and are second to the four great queens. they are the princesses.
Cousins of the succubi:
are the nymphs, the merfolk. as well as most fae  including the sidhe and djinn.
However there are darker Succubi who serve chaos demons. and answer to Lilith’s rebellious daughter named Eisheth Zennunim wife of Samael a chaos demon prince. as well as a lover of Iblis leader of the shaytan djinn whom refuse to serve  the Light and the Goddess the Mother of All.
Can a Succubus love?
yes. iam in a relationship that has lasted for several years. this relationship took time and a lot of work through patience on her part and mine. we recently wed. and despite what people may think. marrige is as important in the spirit world as it is in ours. however they are more serious about it.
do they have a physical form?
yes. but it  is tangible as a bubble. like an air bubble. you can feel them. but you must be gentle when you touch them. like when you touch a  soap bubble, etc.
they take other forms like apparitions, swirling clouds of greenish, bluish light. sometimes orbs.
as apparitions they can be figures of tall beautiful majestic  women to elvish seductresses.
as for sex with them:
it can start as lucid dreams to her actually physically touching you. and their touch is something else!

7 Responses to “who are the succubi? revisioned.”

  1. temporalchameleon December 6, 2012 at 3:08 am #

    This hierarchy is fascinating to me. My succubus has mentioned to me that she has sisters and a mother. They even visit sometimes. But she has told me very little about her culture. She did tell me that she is similar to the Fae and the Djinn.

    Her and I have talked about marriage, but I think she’s waiting for the right time and being sure that I’m trustworthy enough.

    Thank you for sharing this information. 🙂

    • acrossinfinity December 7, 2012 at 1:58 am #

      my succubus told me they are a relation of the fae and the djinn. difference is succubi don’t answer to no one but Lilith. and all answer to her.
      as for marrige. it has its minuses but a whole lotta pluses. 🙂

  2. infinitespirit1 August 22, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    Reblogged this on infinitespirit1's Blog and commented:
    Hmmmm thats really interesting it should help me on my journey:)

  3. acrossinfinity January 23, 2015 at 1:41 am #

    read demonality by father sinistrari of ameno . and tell me if you have the same view. about your thought. that’s just it. if you feel it is a demon. why summon it? here again is a matter of one’s beliefs. if a muslim read this. he would believe it is a djinn. now djinn in the middle east can be good or evil. so it wouldn’t be a concern for most muslims. no i think it would be a mistake to help you summon a succubus.

  4. ? December 12, 2016 at 5:42 am #

    How do I sommon one?

    • acrossinfinity December 12, 2016 at 9:29 pm #

      i’m sorry. you don’t. i was lucky that the one who came to me was one of the good ones. because of her warning. i removed that blog how to summon one from my site. however i know some experience witches who can summon one for you. and attach or ‘bind’ her to a ‘vessel’. just let me know if you are interested. and i will post a link here for you.

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