Lilith and her connection to other goddesses

17 Apr

it is always with caution that you try not to offend other peoples beliefs when you make comparisons between deities of one’s religion to another.
in my case it is with the goddess Lilith  whom is considered by some a demoness. to me she is not.
and  there are similarities to her with other goddesses that couldn’t be ignored.
one example is Inanna the goddess of love in summerian religion. whom is called Ishtar in babylon.
the similarities is that both are seductresses. as ardat lili  (hand maiden of Lilith) Lilith or Lilitu would come to a sleeping man and seduced him through dreams. and at times she would visited him when he was awake.
Inanna in the epic of gilgamesh tried to seduce the hero after a successful mission.
it is said she would send out her priestesses to bring men to her temples for the great rite.
later Lilith as Lilitu was maded into the hand of Inanna. and was called  abtagigi.
because Lilith is seen as the mother of Djinn, Shedim, Lilim, and all spirits as well as their queen. i drawn similarities to the Keltic Goddess the Morrigan.
the Morrigan is fiercely independant. as well as a goddess to make her own rules. she is the goddess of the great rite as is Lilith. and takes several lovers at a time.
both goddesses are linked to Morgan the Fae. and which she serve as an avatar to both.
both are connected to dogs, birds such as owls and crows. as well as the colors red and black. and to the moon. especially in it’s last quarter.
the Morrigan is called the phantom queen. and Lilith is refered to as the queen of demons; and other spirits.
and there are similiarites to the djinneyeh of morocco known as aisha qandisha
all this for some is coincidence.  but i wonder.
to me Lilith is a very ancient goddess with many daughters and sisters.

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