conclusion to the summary of the book: sexual alchemy by donald tyson.

14 Sep

in conclusion to the summary. i think the book is an excellent  resource on the rarely known practice of tantra. and relationships with spiritual entities whatever they be gods, succubi /incubi, children of lilith.
it covers the history of the subject including marriges of shamans to spirit spouses. and witches with familiars.  and gives  a brief account on related subjects like the djinn and the fay. as well as the theory and practice of alchemy in general.
concerning the rituals however i feel one should do more research on the practice before one uses them.   as for spirits themselves. if one is not already involved in a  intimate relationship  with one.  and is doing it as a curiousity.   such individals should be discourage. from my own experience in my relationship to a succubus. some of these entities do have feelings. and each has their own viewpoint. like  those who go out seeking a relationship at some night club or bar where the opposite sexes mingle. these beings seek the same purpose. some for just sex. others a long term relationship and commitment.
unless one does not make it clear in what they are looking for. feelings can get easily hurt. these beings are no different.  so be sure what you want. make it clear what you want. and above all else be honest, be sincere, be respectful.
richard tanzer

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