my summary of the book: sexual alchemy by donald tyson

12 Sep

i’m writing this  as just a primer for anybody who wishes to read this book. that is if they can afford to buy it since it is out of print. and is being valued over the price that it is listed as (29.95).
the reason why this book is out of print and is a collector’s item is that it works!
i’ll start out with the basics. mr tyson starts out at the introduction the reasons why he wrote the book. and his rituals that lead to writing the book. which were basically on seeking a sexual relationship with a spirit that who help in the development of his spirit which is a form of alchemy of the spirit.
he had succeeded in this from studying books on tantra, the kabbalah, and a supposely 17th century tome called the liber lilith. whatever the latter is a real book that helps one to connect to the mother of succubi and incubi known as the lilim  (males are called lila; females lili). as well as shedim and lilioth) is open to conjecture.
in the first chapter he discusses the history of human spirit relationships. listing the legends of sexual interplay between the gods and goddesses of mortals to jewish legends of Lilith and the watchers known as the nephilim a name that also applies  to the children of the watchers. he also mentions the relationships of djinn as well as faery lore. and of succubi and incubi.
he goes into detail about Lilith. that there were two Liliths. one he refers to as grandmother Lilith the other the younger is also refered to as naamah. as well as malahat and agrat bath malahat. well i agree that there are many aspects of Lilith. i must disagree with the idea that the succubi queens such as naamah. malahat, etc. are her aspects.  the author never mentions the famous/infamous succubi djinneyeh of north africa: aisha qandisha. he does mention about female djinn. but never their connection to Lilith. since it is a legend among the peoples of the middle east that Lilith is the mother of the djinn.
however despite this oversight. i enjoyed the book greatly.
the rituals in the book are based on the rituals of the Golden Dawn Tradition. ( chapter  16 )which had for its members such as crowley and mathers. he is also includes the newer versions of these rituals known as new millenium magick rituals.
i myself believe and practice the teachings of shamanism which doesn’t use these types of rituals to summon spirits. since in shamanism; it teaches to regard spirits with respect and love. in other words one does not command  an entity. one may asked. however shamans do apply protective measures like drawing a circle and/or using ancient names of divine and meditations and rituals.
there is a well known story of a magician who dismissed a spirit. however the spirit resented the magician. so he pretended to leave. and waited for the magician to step  out of the protection circle. and when he did. the spirit pounced on him. love and respect is the key to any relationship including with spirits.
i also think the making a vessel is unnecessary. ( chapters 8-10) as well as making sigils of the name of the entity  that you wish to summon.  the latter can only be done if the spirit inspires the contactee to create  such. but again always with respect. and love. i had learn from my succubus that such things are not required.
getting back to the vessel. the vessel that i’m writing  about here is not a vessel such as a gemstone that contains a spirit. or a haunted item.  the vessel mention in this book is a statue created by the mage or alchemist for the spirit to communicate with.  although making a statue or buy a statue of god or goddess to symbolise and  honor the entity is harmless. i advise against it. most spirits even those that of deities  would be uninterested since they seen other kinds of the eons they live. some may even offended. where succubi are concern it amuses them. ( i have statues of lilith and of dark faeres and succubi. my succubus and her sisters although they like them. tell me the statues are unnecessary. the djinn  that are also with me  tolerate them). however some spirits do attach themselves to any object including statues. the reason i’m against it is because an unwanted entity might attach itself to it. instead  the intended entity.  here again i advise let the spirit tell you if they desire a vessel. and use a formal ritual to dedicate it to them.
all in all the book is great reading.  and makes a great reference material.  especially on the history of alchemy that he gives an account of in chapters 4-7 as well as sex in magic and mysticism chapter 3.
although i question the rituals of the Golden dawn found in chapter 16 which is based on  victorian view on magic rituals and spirits.  i do  like chapters 11, 12  on meditation and simple yoga exercises. i also like chapters 13-15 that lists meditation exercises for cleansing and protection.
i also support the author’s suggestion in reading  of the cleansing prayer based on psalm 51 (page 224) which although is found in christianity, judaism, and islam. the prayer actually predates these religions. and based on an ancient israelite/ semitic prayers.
richard t

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