why i don’t believe the nature spirits and the other people (fays, faeres, sidhes, djinn) are lost.

27 Jul
night faes' dance

night faes’ dance by richard g. tanzer

i read the book  the vengeful djinn by rosemary ellen guiley and phillip imbrogno and found it fascinating about what the people of the middle east  believe in a race of spiritual beings called the djinn. i myself had read up on these entities. even collected some vessels of marid djinneyeh. and have a few friends among them. as well as a qarinah whom is a daughter of Lilith as a lover and ‘wife’ and some of her sisters as companions. however when i got to chapter 8 page134 i was a little upset when i read an account of oscar widle wife concerning faires and they are not allowed salvation in christianity.
actually   not all christian theolgians  felt that way. there is a teaching of one of the church founders by the name of origen that taught universal salvation, reconciliation, or redemption. that even demons could be saved.
there are a few jewish mystics such as  rabbi issac luria that taught the belief of tikkun olam which  is reconciliation of all creation (including demons).  and  taught  Lilith would remarry Adam. this was done in the marrige of leah to jacob. (this i’ve noted in my post Lilith an enigma).
in the quran surah 72 the al djinn it says that some of djinn would be saved if they believe in Allah.
however  origen’s  views among a few others such as those of ludovico maria sinistrari isdore liseux  (concerning succubi) were largely supress and forced to recant their views because of fear of the inquisition.  and  some along with the gnostics were exterminated.
rabbi issac luria’s views were equally supress by mainstream judaism until now. and muslim  theologians are divided on the interpretation of surah 72.
i myself believe these beings have their own Path, their own evolution to follow. at times their paths cross ours. most of the time due to fears on our part. such relationships didn’t go well. and their are those among these beings are a bit resentful. because of prejudices  born of misunderstandings. i think we are reaching a point in human history where we have to embrace the other dwellers of the universe.  as well as those in our world. but exist in different dimensions.
on a personal note. after i read the book i said a little prayer saying if such a God exist. and doesn’t allow salvation  to beings who are trying (and succeeding most of the time)  to live up to the good deeds that are outlined all the holy books of all these religions. then i would gladly share in their (the faeres, fays, sidhes, succubi, djinn) destiny.
and that night i felt a little kiss on my forehead.
richard t

the fae, the witch the succubus by richard g. tanzer

2 Responses to “why i don’t believe the nature spirits and the other people (fays, faeres, sidhes, djinn) are lost.”

  1. deltafour1212 January 28, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    I want to thank you so much for your “ritual to summon a succubus”

    I have been searching and researching for YEARS on how to have a spirit lover.
    I am glad I am not the only one who is into the Succubus experience.

    You can’t imagine the lectures I have been given when searching for this type of experience

    I have seen a lot of crap out there but yours is the only one of real substance!

    I also have the Donald Tyson book Sexual Alchemy and in PDF.
    Love your review of it and what is neccessary an what isnt. It Makes it a whole lot simpler to understand.

    I shall try your rituals and advice and let you know what happens

    Once again I thank you! My search might finally be over. thanks to you!


    • acrossinfinity March 3, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

      thankyou so much for your kind words. again i hope everything went well.

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